Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Happy Summer!

Well I think enough time has gone by and now it’s time to get serious with my blogging. Well not too serious since I’m not really a serious person. Ok I can be serious but most times I like to add a bit of comedy to my life. Ok a lot of comedy since I really don’t have too much to blog about. But here I am blogging about nothing really to serious.

I’ve now been done work for 2 weeks, although I did go in last Thursday night for a rental. I have let my Supervisor know that I will not be able to cover any more summer rentals. There comes a time when giving rest to ones mind and body comes first and I think I am do for some major rest and relaxation.

Canada Day is fast approaching and for a change we’re going to attend a few of the celebrations. Our good friend Frank from “The Frank DiFelice Band” will be playing a set of Jazz music and his wife Nancy will be singing. A few more stage shows are scheduled after that and then Michelle Wright makes an appearance. I’m sure the Merlin Ontario born country singer will keep the crowd enthralled. I for one am looking forward to this years Canada Day celebration. A few days after, that I will be attending the “obligatory” family get-together on the “out-laws” side. That’s sure to bring many grumbles…err I mean laughs making the day seem never ending..errrr I mean it will be a good day.

I do have a few things I am looking forward to during the summer and one is my family reunion. We started holding them every summer about 10 years ago and then decided every other year would be a better idea since a few are quite a distance away and a few are even from out of country. My State side relatives are coming this year, well at least my 2 cousins. Their spouses don’t have their passports yet so they may have to stay State side unless their passports come through in time. Either way it will be wonderful to see my cousins again. I’ll have to stomp, holler and start the silent treatment if the other half won’t give up his “guitar room” so I can once again make it into a weekend guest room. Just in case he refuses I do have a few invisible fairies fluttering around here and he just might come home from work and find his prized instruments set up downstairs in the basement, safe secure and well away from the “GUESTROOM”

Another outing I am looking forward to is a night away in August. We will be checking into The Casino Rama Hotel, taking in a Kris Kristofferson show and then trying our hand at a weeeeee bit of gambling. I’m not one for gambling, but hey it’s something different and it could be fun. All credit cards and debit cards will be left at home, with only a certain limit of cash on hand. We’ll spend the night in the hotel and then make our way back home the next day. Maybe, hopefully Mr. Visa can be fed a little bit extra soothing his ruffled feathers a tiny bit, or maybe not! I guess I’ll just have to see if “Lady Luck” will be shining down on me.

Until next time fellow bloggers…enjoy life and if life hands you lemons, make a margarita and enjoy!!!!!