Thursday, April 29, 2010


How many times have you laughed so hard you actually pee’d your pants? Well today I did just that (thank god for extra absorbency panty liners) OMG…what a morning it was today at work. You really had to be there to appreciate the full sequence of events, but I’ll do my best to tell them the best way I can. Today is the one day that we have a very small class and by small I’m talking only 4 children in this class. 99% of our Thursdays are calm and quiet but there is the 1% where we just can’t seem to keep our wits about us. Whether we completely lose control of the 4 children or those small innocent bodies gain control over us is something we just can’t figure out yet. Anyway, today’s craft was one of the usual spring time crafts I have been doing over the last 15 yrs of working at the centre. We crafted our own version of a chia-pet, only we call it Mr. Grass Head. The craft is simplified by using a marker decorated Styrofoam cup filled with dirt and topped off with a layer of grass seed. Well this week I decided to use googly-eyes, small pompoms for the nose and a smile made out of coloured crafting rice only instead of telling the children it was really called, I called it coloured sprinkles. The first 2 children did their craft no problem and they had fun doing it. The third child is a miniature drama king and well with a few other ummm, I will be polite and call them “oddities” is always adding a bit of comedy to his weird behaviour. Anyway I sat down with this child and begun to explain the craft. I named everything that we would be using and turned my head for a split second to wipe my hand on the cloth. I turned just in time to see the child scooping a bit of the “coloured sprinkles” into his mouth. I immediately told him not to do that and told him that even though they would not hurt him they were not to eat and that they taste yucky. Well OMG…the look on his face was priceless! His eyes grew very wide and round, he wrinkled up his face and his head started to spasm and jerk. He immediately tried to gag and spit the “sprinkles” back into the container and then his whole body started to shudder and jerk as though he were having a complete out of this world body seizer. I tried to stay in control of this situation but it was just to damn funny. I was laughing so hard I was crying and peeing at the same time. He looked so funny twitching and jerking and said as plain as can be that it was not funny. Well hells bells P.I.C was laughing hard and so was I. I couldn’t stop. I tried…honest I did. In order to calm him down I hate to eat some of the “sprinkles” to show him that he was going to be ok. Well damn they DO taste yucky and I tried like hell to NOT wince and shudder myself. I sat for a good twenty minutes with the gritty crunchy “sprinkles” caught in my teeth and with a smile on my face all to keep this child calm and happy. Well we succeeded in having this child complete his craft and with a smile on his face to boot. This day is definitely one for the books!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Few Days

Hummm, what have I been doing over the last week? Well not much but that’s ok since I needed the break of work and stress. I passed my First Aid course with flying colours so that was a load off my mind. I really don’t mind the actual written test but it’s the “practical’s” part that I have a difficult time with. I dislike being the center of attention but in order to pass that part of the course you are given a life saving scenario from the Instructor. You are given no information other than what the Instructor visualizes in her mind and in a speedy and efficient manor you have to perform first aid as others watch your every move. I’m just happy that I don’t have to go through that again for another 3 years.

Friday I went and had my hair done since it really needed to be cut again. The high lights are a bit blonder than usual but hey it hides the silver/grey strands that are trying so hard to reveal my age. Every so often I get a compliment on how one can not believe I am as old as I really am. Now that just might be politeness on the other person’s part, but hells bells I’m going to bask in those types of compliments as long as I possibly can. I am eating my own words since I was a big advocate about growing old gracefully. Holy creaking bones batman, there is no grace in creaking bones, crows’ feet and that damn made-up name of laugh lines. All I can say is thank goodness for firming creams and toners to hide those frigging wrinkles and crevices!

Saturday I had the full morning to myself since the other half went fishing. Yahhhhhhh! Fishing season has now begun. I do send my condolences to the different species of Trout but if push comes to shove I’ll stock the damn rivers and creeks with fish myself. Anyway, I spent most of the morning chatting with a friend online and then spent some time on the phone talking to another really good friend. Saturday afternoon after the other half came home and cleaned up we were off to Port Dover with good friends to have dinner and a few hours of fun and laughter. Boy the memories sure flooded back as I sat next to the window looking out over the lake. As always the perch dinner was to die for and we all left the restaurant stuffed and content. It was rather windy and cold as well as drizzly but I just could not leave Port Dover until I took a walk on the pier.

Sunday morning I was off to work. It was good since finally the sports groups are ending and the usual first group were not coming so I didn’t have to be to work as early. The second group are still active for at least another 3 to 4 weeks and the third group that have been coming are still booking week by week so I’m not sure when they are ending. Unless there is a booking that comes in I will finally have my Saturdays free. There is one rental coming up at the end of May but that’s about it. Sunday night after dinner I sat back with a glass of wine and just watched whatever was on T.V. Now I could really get used to that.

Monday was dedicated to housework, and with my music cranked I boogied with the broom and sang into the mop handle at the top of my lungs as the 2 dogs and cat sat watching with puzzled looks on their faces. It was a good day over all and I topped it off during the night with another glass of wine and my eyes glued to a rugged, nasty, foul mouthed moody yet sexy man. Yep that’s right. My eyes where riveted to Hugh Laurie A.K.A…Dr Gregory House.

Today I had to calm the clothes hamper down by doing laundry. The expanding and bulging sides were crying out for relief. So being the caring person I am, I dragged the over flowing hamper down the basement stairs only to find out that the 2 long fluorescent bulbs hanging above the washer and dryer were burnt out. Taking the flashlight that I always keep handy, I was able to fish out a small table lamp from the pile of misfit odds and ends at the back of the basement. It really is rather spooky being in the dark basement with only a small 40 watt lamp giving off dim lightening so I can do laundry. Any how, I managed to ease the burden of the hamper and I think I actually heard a sigh of relief as it collapsed back into its normal shape. Between folding laundry and watching T.V today I think I had a very hectic day. (please humour me and picture the woman on the commercial sprinkling flour and water over her face to appear she has been very busy).

I am now at work with my bestest customer service smile, greeting all that walk through the doors. I’m here till 10 tonight, and then it’s home for yet another glass of wine before I go to bed. Ok, stop saying another night of having wine? I have a few ready excuses. Wine goes flat fast. It’s a big bottle and well I don’t want the wine to suffer so I need to finish off the bottle!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just my thoughts.....

Recently a subject came up between a good friend of mine and my self regarding the issue of trust and deciding on whether one could trust or keep quiet. It was a good conversation to get into since we both have our own experiences with trusting others. It took me a while but in the end I gave my trust to this person and have not been disappointed or hurt by them. I am one who watches, looks and listens not only with my ears, but to the subtle or not so subtle topics of conversations and have learned to read between the lines. I do want to make it understood that this blog is in no way related to any one particular person and is only for the purpose of my thoughts and feelings to this topic.

We all need an ear and or shoulder from time to time, some more than others and that’s where the issue of trust comes into play. Not all of us have the means to seek help from a professional. Whether it’s because of funds or just plain mistrust it’s just not something everyone is able to do. That’s why I watch and listen to people I feel close to. Read between the lines and then take the scary step into confiding to them. There are a few parts of trusting someone that I have a problem and those are judgement and voicing ones “advice”. Maybe it’s because I have been judged on my actions one to many times and in a way we all are, but it’s the vocal judgement of not being understood. Damn does that make sense?

To me and again this is my thoughts and do not pertain to any single individual, when I need a shoulder and someone to talk to or confide in I may need a gentle nudge to get me on the right path again, but one thing I do NOT need is ones vocal opinion telling me how and why something should be done. Even if I ask for someone’s input that person should be able to read my mood and demeanour especially if that person is classified as a truly dependable good friend. Honesty is NOT always the best policy in my book. That’s just how I feel. I might tick some people off but oh well, that’s life. I have found a true friend that I feel comfortable confiding in and although it took a bit of time to trust that person I could finally see that they would not judge me nor offer advice even if I asked for it. Is this sugar coating? I don’t think so. I believe that if a person is truly seeking advice, they know deep down what should be done, and they are only looking at the confidence as a means of getting prepared in their own way to deal with the situation at hand. It was said once that a good friend should listen with their hearts and not by the ears or lips.

Ok, steps down off my soap box and wishes everyone a weekend filled with fun and relaxation.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh what a morning!

I’m not sure what is going on within this mind of mine but for the last few days I have not been with it. I’m losing track of my days as well as feeling like small pieces of my brain are shrivelling like a died up prune! Maybe it’s because my P.I.C covered for me on Tuesday night while I attended the first half of my First Aid course. I have been told that once you hit a certain age any change can screw you up big time and I now have to agree. Tonight I finish the last 4 hours of this damn course and as long as I remember SAMPLE……RICE….A.B.C and 2x30x5 I’ll be ok. I will be able to work out my frustrations on the dummy and chest compressions, so that will be an added bonus.

I do have to give myself a wee bit of credit after this morning. My P.I.C had to leave early due to an appointment, leaving me to end the last half hour of the program myself. When the program started at 9:15 this morning I was busy doing my famous improvised craft of the day. I wasn’t really paying attention to the little girl and her mother when they arrived. Little did I know that the mother had asked my P.I.C if it was ok if her daughter kept a few tiny toys with her for the morning? Of course it was ok and my P.I.C eased the mothers mind as well as made the little girl happy knowing she could have her favourite toys with her. Well to make a long story short. I had no idea these toys were with this child and when it came time to clean up and have the parents pick up their children those 3 tiny toys were no where to be found. The mother was upset as well as the little girl. The mother kept telling me how sad it is that her daughter’s toys were not going home with her. So me being me, I tore the bins apart with no luck. It was getting late so the mother had asked that we try to find them and then call her so she could come pick them up. I assured her we would and she walked out hand in hand with her daughter mumbling about how sad it was that her child’s favourite toys were gone. Hearing this I could not leave the building until I had found those so called cherished toys so I tore out all the toy bins that were placed out for the program and dumped them out on the floor. I had no idea what the toys looked like and we do have many small toys. Well my mind seemed to have kicked in and when I ran across 2 toys that just didn’t seem familiar to me I went running out to this mothers van to see if these were the M.I.A toys. Sure enough they were…BUT…there was one more that just HAD to complete the set. So back in a I ran, rummaged through the toys again praying that I would find it. Well low and behold I found it and with seconds to spare I made it back out to the van to hand over the toy to the mother. They drove off happy as sin as I walked back into the building muttering quietly to myself “if the toys are cherished so much then leave them home!”

Ok now I have ranted a bit I feel soooooooooooooooo much better!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Wow, the sun is out once again and is helping to warm the dampness that seems to have burrowed deep into my bones. It’s supposed to be a good day with temperatures reaching16c. The nights are still supposed to be chilly, but we are still averaging above normal temps so that’s an added bonus.

I have finally come out of the funky funk I was in and I feel like my old self again. It helped having a shoulder to lean on and empty all my garbage onto that shoulder. I was never judged nor questioned and that made me feel a lot better. I’m just going to chalk everything up to the end of the winter blues and now that spring is here I can get on with bigger and better things!

I have seriously started to write about myself. I’m not being conceited nor do I want attention, but it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Oh I have always loved writing and have started many times to write about my life, but for some odd reason and without me realizing it my words become fiction and take on a whole different version of events. Maybe it’s the romantic side of my self and the way I wished things had turned out, but never the less it becomes fiction. But no more. I am starting at the very beginning of the trials and tribulations of what’s gone on inside the world of D.M. I have no idea how long it will take, or if the content will be suitable for public reading, but I will continue. Hey maybe one day I may become a published writer, but if or when that day comes, I will be writing the truth as see through my eyes.

Today is a regular work day for me and with the sun shinning into the office and the friendly faces coming and going I can tell it’s going to be a good day. My usual Sunday morning coffee was just delivered with a smile making it an even brighter morning thus far. I was told once that I seem to always write about my work days and I have no excuse to say about that. I don’t have a group that I sit and chat with while doing a much enjoyed hobby, nor do I have a place that I can go to weekly to offer my services to a cause that is important to me. So there for my blogs are irregular and are mainly about my work life since I seem to be here more than any other place. At least for a little bit longer. The majority of rentals will be ending by the end of this month giving me some much needed personal time. I think I have finally come to grips with what’s important to me. This job by far is not going to make me rich, and as far as Mr. Visa goes, he’ll be squawking every month whether I work or not. I have even turned down some extra hours that have been offered to me with no other excuse except I just don’t want to work them. My kids have all grown and moved out of the house to begin their own journeys so I have the house pretty much all to myself. Well, not really since the children I just mentioned seem to come back when they are hungry or laundry needs to be done. I just hope they remember me with good intentions when I’m old and grey and when it’s time for the roles to be reversed!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Wonderful Holiday Weekend

Easter weekend 2010 has come and gone, and what a wonderful holiday weekend it was. The weather was absolutely amazing and with having my Sunday off it was extra nice. While the other half was doing his weekly church routine, I was out soaking up the sun. It was cool but in the sun it was pretty damn warm. Warm enough to sit on the back deck in my jammies having a coffee and watching Bentley run off some of his morning energy. I was able to catch up on some chit-chatting with my next door neighbour and make plans for summer bar-b-ques. We both caught the rainbow that followed the slight rain the evening before and in fact a few of us had our cameras out. I was able to get a picture of the first rainbow of 2010.

Easter dinner turned out exceptionally well considering the in-laws blessed us with their presence. Along with the usual ham and all the fixings that go with it, I was able to keep room for a slice of warm blueberry pie and a scoop of ice cream. I figure to hell with the diet for this day!

My foot is continuing to heal although the swelling and bruising seems to be taking it’s time. I received an email that made me laugh regarding the pride that seems to get stronger as one gets older. Although we all hate to admit it, we are not as agile as we used to be. The pain we might have after taking an unexpected spill does not compare to the pride that seems to flood every nook and cranny of our inner selves. I’m not sure why that is, but at least my pride was able to take the brunt of the first 5 minutes of the pain.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

Wow, what a wonderful Easter Weekend so far and with the forecast predictions it’s supposed to be a wonderfully sunny and warm Easter Sunday. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend and may the chocolate fantasizes of this weekend be a good one for all!

Between the cloud and the sun the day looks promising even though I am working today. I had a coffee delivered to me by a friend who was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by for a bit of a chat. The usual Saturday morning hockey group is in the gym and an upstairs rental is here to decorate for a birthday party later in the day. It’s days like today that I really don’t mind working since everything seems to be falling into place the way it’s supposed to. Even though the weather is breaking some warm weather records, I’m sure Mother Nature has a few surprises in store. The end of the sports rental season is slowly drawing to a close as some of the groups have cancelled the remainder of their bookings until the fall season. That in it’s self is a good thing. At least for me it is. Yes the pay will suck, but I will finally have some time to myself. I do have my days off, but it seems that those days are spent doing all the household chores that I’m not able to complete throughout the week. So far it’s only been wishful thinking that I can sit in the sun and relax having my morning coffee, my afternoon tea or a glass of wine on the front porch watching the early evening sun slowly sinking into the horizon. I’m really looking forward to that!

Accident, clumsiness or just plain careless. I haven’t decided which it is yet. Yesterday I was going down the basement steps taking a load of laundry down to the washer. One minute I’m holding the basket the next minute I’m on the floor trying to figure out what the hell just happened. It would appear that wearing slippers is not a good idea when one is walking down carpeted stairs since the sole of my slippers are damn slippery! Damn did I land hard. My wrist is rather tender since I instinctively caught most of my weight by breaking my fall with my hand, but my foot seemed to want to go in a different direction causing it to turn outward. Damn that really does hurt. Thank goodness I didn’t hear a snap or a crack, but my foot is 2 sizes thicker than what it was only moments ago. I now have a really colorful bluish tinge starting from my ankle all the way to my toes and damn, I’m limping….. son of a &***&. Getting my shoe on to go to work today took a bit of careful maneuvering, but I did it. It’s damn tender, no let me correct that and be as blunt as possible. It hurts like hell! But I will hobble my way through the day with a smile pasted on my face.

Last night I spent a good 2 hours icing my ankle and chatting on the phone to a good friend of mine. We both started reminiscing about the days of long ago and how things were so different back then. We chatted about our kids, our lives and things we wished we would have done and other things that we would have done differently. It’s amazing all the little memories that we have tucked away in our minds that seem to appear out of no where. We shed a few tears from laughing so hard and spilled a few tears of pain and sorrow as we talked about the rough times in each of our lives. My foot was killing me by bedtime, but oddly enough I had a good nights sleep. It felt good to be able to actually feel like I have connected with someone