Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a concert!!!!!!

1. Inspiring awe: an awesome sight
2. Showing or characterized by awe.
3. Slang, very impressive.

That’s the only word I could actually think of to describe the concert that I was lucky enough to attend last night. The ticket to this concert was a Christmas gift from a good friend of mine, thank you so much P.I.C. From the moment Darius Rucker (front man of the rock band Hootie and the Blowfish) stepped onto the stage until the final curtain call of Rascal Flatts I was transported into a world of screams, cheers, dancing and the most absolutely amazing video technology that I have ever seen.
The audience in the Coliseum were floating above the clouds, driving fast race cars, watching a shower of sparks fall like a graceful curtain and that’s just to name a few. Both Darius Rucker and the group Rascal Flatts interacted with the audience getting the crowd as pumped up as possible. I swear even as big as the Copps Coliseum is, I would bet my life that the screams and cheers could be heard a block away. I have to say that I was very impressed with the Fiddle Solo of Oh’ Canada. That just about brought the roof down with the cheers, whistling and singing of our national anthem. Since this group is from Nashville it was extra special knowing they went out of their way to perform our national anthem in such a unique and extraordinary way. From the heartfelt song of Bless the Broken Road to the upbeat song of Fast Cars and Freedom, there wasn’t a moment when some part of my body wasn’t moving. This is a night that will go down in the “always will remember” shelf in my memory.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just some stuff from my work day

Well another long day is upon me as I sit looking out the office window day dreaming I am back home, snuggled under the blankets without a care in the world. Then reality smacks me up side the head as I get jerked out of my daydream by loud voices and the cracking of wooden hockey sticks being slammed on the floor in the gym. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mr. Visa snickering at me and whispering “you owe, you own, you have to work you know!” Damn nasty bugger has no compassion for me. (Ok, this is where I am thinking you will feel sorry for me, but reality hits again and I hear those words “suck it up princess”). Any who…..onwards I trod flashing my customer service smile and being the glorious ray of sunshine I truly am!(and don’t even think about commenting on that cause I AM a glorious ray of frigging sunshine so bite me!)

Today is the usual rental groups with the first of four hockey teams already on the floor and a small local Church Congregation beginning to file in. Most who read my blogs knows I am not of the religious faith (damn I really can be politically correct!) and sometimes I find myself in some rather awkward situations with this group. Like this morning for instance. Robert a rather strange fellow asked if he could accompany me to the church service today. Now I know Robert does have his problems, but hells bells …me??? attend the service??? Not a chance in H….err I mean not a chance in Haiti. I gave him my “special” smile and tried to politely decline, but he just stood there with his arm curled thinking I would change my mind, slip my arm through his and we would walk up stairs together. Oh thank god the phone rang and I told him I had to get back to work. He stood there for a brief moment and then said “maybe next Sunday? Please Mother Nature if you pity me at all; please send a blizzard our way for Sunday so the “special” bus can not drop Robert off for Church Service.

Always remember: If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a water gun and shoot other people in the eyes.

Until next time my fellow bloggers

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Tidbits from DM

Mediocre service, good food, fine wine and excellent company made for last nights Girls Night Out an enjoyable time. Over dinner we talked about what we wanted to do before our time is up on this happy and healthy (cough, cough) planet we call earth. We compared notes and made sketchy plans to at least accomplish something with in the next little while. After paying our tabs we loaded into the jeep and made our way down to the club to watch an Adult Themed Hypnotist in action. Since I have been hypnotized by this same man, I was eagerly awaiting my turn at “seeing” the show, not “being” the show. Although attendance was not what I had expected, it still turned out to be a rather um, interesting evening. It started out with 9 people on stage and slowly dwindled down to 4 volunteers. Now I’m not trying to diss hypnosis in the least since I know first hand that it really does work, but last night seemed a bit more on the theatrical side of it all. Many times it seemed as though there were 2 supposed audience volunteers that didn’t quiet fit the show theme. In other words, I guess I’m trying to say I think those 2 were planted on stage to make it more entertaining since attendance was so low. Anyway, all in all, phony or not, the show did keep us laughing and certainly brought back memories of my night being under hypnosis.

Today has been hectic as usual when the programs for young soccer players are running. I did have an almost tearful moment when one of the children I had many years ago popped in with his dad and said hello to me. He really did remember me and it warmed my heart as his dad spoke of his deceased wife and what a grand lady she was. The hug this child gave me, well, there are no words to describe it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way her young son looked as his eyes filled with love and happiness while he listened to dad speak so highly of his mother.

The sun is shinning and although it’s pretty cold out, it still is a wonderful snowless day for the end of January. I’m sure we will probably be slammed within the next little while with all the snow but until then, I will pull up my big girl panties and take the cold with a smile. Have a good day everyone!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The beginning of a brand new decade

9 days into 2010. Another year over and a new one begun. I never made any new years resolutions so that way I can’t berate myself for not following through. Over the last year, I have burned a few bridges and at times I climbed back up out of my self induced pity parties. I felt the pain of sorrow and smiled and laughed through good times. There are a few things that I have done and promised myself I would not do again, but then for some unknown reason I decided to try one more time. Who knows maybe, maybe not? When I re-read what I just wrote it sounds rather cryptic and that my dear readers was done on purpose. Now onto a different topic………

So far, this year has started out on a good note. We just finished the first week of programs and this session I can honestly say we have a good bunch of kids that “seem” to get along well with each other. Our Supervisor has been in a good mood and has even smiled and talked with us. I actually commented about that yesterday and was reminded that it was probably due to having another person re-join the ranks of D.S.E.P.C.C. Work will probably lead to more than a few “bite your tongue” moments over the next little while, but I will behave, I will behave, I will behave. Yes I am trying to convince myself more than anyone else, but what the hey, at least I will be able to say I tried!

I’m not sure what the next bucket list item will be struck off my list, but I think I want it to be one of those wow factor ones. You know, the ones that you do on the spur of the moment and look back and say what the hell did I just do? Most of those moments are kept secret for a while and then once the shock has worn off, then you let the so called “cat out of the bag”, and no I have not done nor have any immediate plans to complete that bucket list item……………………………………………… of yet!

Until next time my fellow bloggers, take care and be safe!