Friday, July 2, 2010

Great Friends = Fun Celebrations!

I hope everyone had a great Canada Day Celebration. The weather was absolutely wonderful. The sun was shining and it wasn’t to hot. The night did get a tad bit cool, but that didn’t hamper any ones fun. I spent the day straightening up the house and organizing the back yard since the celebration plans took a small detour. We did attend the festivities, but not until late afternoon. We went to see our good friends perform on the main stage and Nancy sure can belt out some wonderful sounds. Her vocals kept the crowd dancing and singing along. The band was absolutely amazing as they accompanied her through 45 minutes of classic rock, blues and a bit of jazz. We wandered the park for a bit with some friends and then left to go have a quick bite to eat. We were supposed to stay and watch Michelle Wright, but had decided earlier in the day to have a get together of our own at the house. So it was off to Wendy’s to get some food and then made our way to Mohawk Park and had an impromptu early evening picnic. It was wonderful to spend time with good friends laughing and joking around for an hour or so. We all went back to the house to settle in for a night of fun, music and drinks. As the night cooled down we lit a small fire in the chiminea and poked fun at the silly things we did as kids. We were a group of 10, but we must have sounded like a huge gathering as we laughed and joked around. Frank and Nancy stopped by and poor Nancy was talked into giving us a private show, although it didn’t take much to talk her into it. She loves to sing and belted out one of my favourite old time classic songs “Born to be Wild” along with a few more. Our celebration finally started to break up just past midnight. We are planning another get together on Labour Day for our annual fish fry and corn roast to end the summer of 2010 with a bang.

Ok, now I have procrastinated long enough. It’s time to get the backyard cleaned up. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!