Saturday, September 14, 2013

Out with the old season in with a new one

Well, it has been a bit since I sat down and actually blogged, but here I am. I’m not sure what Mother Nature is trying to prove here, but she does not have a very good sense of humour. One day it is sweltering heat with the humidity up to 42 Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) and a few days later we are switching from the cool A/C to mumbling as we adjust the heat from the furnace. Maybe I’m just getting old and can’t take the cold mornings like I used to be able to, but damn, waking up to a house that is 12 Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit) is not fun. Even the dog had snuggled under the blankets with me to get warm. Actually I do love the fall season, in fact it’s my favourite season, but hells bells Mother Nature, let my body slowly adjust to the temperature changes before throwing hints of frost at me, besides fall doesn’t officially start until the 21st.

The end of the summer fish fry went very well and damn it did taste good. This year instead of holding it at the house, we decided to go camping at the camp ground that was more like a summer home in the earlier years and invited the people out to the camp ground for the fish fry. What can I say? I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to relive my earlier years of Labour Day camping and fish fry. There was certainly enough fish, salad and fresh corn on the cob to go around with plenty enough for a second helping if you wanted. I did take a few walks down the trails with Bentley in the lead and wow, did my mind go back in time. It was refreshing to remember, but also kind of sad. Where the hell did the time go??

Over the course of the last few years I have worked in a few places, but nothing really seemed to fit me. I tried on a couple of positions as I went to work at a taxation place to becoming a tele- recruiter for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and a few odd jobs in between. I noticed I was slowly entering the position of a “Couch Potato”. This job requires no thinking skills and you definitely do not need experience as I was finding out. It’s a very “cushy” job and the pay really sucks, but the benefits were hard to decline. Where else can you sit all day curled up on the couch with your beverage of choice and wait with baited breath to watch Steve Wilkos throw chairs across the stage trying to intimidate the “guests” he INVITES onto his show. If you are not familiar with this Steve Wilkos, he was once employed by Jerry Springer as his body guard on the Jerry Springer show. He was the big burly baldheaded body guard (try and say THAT 3 times fast) that broke up the majority of fights. He also ran to Jerry’s aid a few times when Springer crossed the line and almost ended up squashed on the floor when certain interviewee’s lost their temper. I justified the “Couch Potato” position as trying to figure out who was more screwed up on the day time talk shows. Was it the interviewer or the interviewee? I have come to the realization that they all rate the same on the intelligent scale. That’s when I thought to myself O.M.G is this what my life has turned into? Waiting to see Steve Wilkos intimidate people by getting in their face and throwing chairs across the room?? I THINK NOT! So it was back to the real world and earning a living.

 I’m trying on another job position starting next week. This is a bit out of my comfort level but I passed the interview with flying colours so that must mean something. I’ll be working in a small rather popular shop as a “Sales Associate”. The manager is super nice and this place has to be my all-time favourite store, sorry Value Village, this store rated even better than you did. When asked by the manager why I wanted to work there I simply told her because I love the atmosphere of the small stores and boutiques over the hustle and bustle of the larger department stores. At first I thought this might have blown my chance at the job, but she smiled and said “that’s the best answer I have heard in a very long while. At that point I really felt this job was for me and I was very happy when 3 days later she called and said the job was mine if I wanted. Of course I want this job so come Tuesday I go in for a day of training and then Thursday I will be working on the floor! So all in all, my life is back on track. Accessing Steve Wilkos and his guests I.Q’s will be better left in someone else’s hand. I’m needed back in the real world now!