Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The first month of a brand new year is almost over!

Where has the time gone? Here we are 22 days into the first month of a new year and even though nothing has really changed in my corner of the world it seems like everything has changed. I know that must sound really dumb to some, well ok, it sounds dumb to most, hell it even sounds dumb to me!
I already have a pet peeve to start out this New Year and that is Canada Post taking away door to door mail service in order to cut corners and save money and I really can understand SOME of the logic there. I’m still young enough (most days) to walk to a corner community mailbox to collect my mail, but as I look about my neighbourhood at the seniors and the ones with physical disabilities that live around me I have to ask, what these folks will do? It is winter here in Canada and with the plows leaving mountains of dirty icy snow on the boulevards I really wonder how these folks are going to get their mail.
Over the Christmas season I took a part time job at Walmart here and wow, I really hate to stereo-type but those pictures you see people posting on their facebook pages really are true. I have certainly seen my fair share of plumber’s cracks and I swear more than half that I saw were on women! I also learned that the costumer is NOT always right and as a sales associate the way we help costumers when they have questions about a product is by reading the box of whatever they want to buy thus showing them you ARE knowledgeable with that product. Since I was working the Electronics Department, I read so many boxes that I am an expert on how many watts a speaker gives out as well as many other products of the electronic age…NOT. I know nothing of that product yet because I read the box to the customer I know what I am talking about. So it wasn’t too long after the holiday season that I decided that being a Walmart employee was not my calling. I am now back to doing what I know best and that is being on the front lines as a receptionist at a local business.

Not a picture I
I am now starting to put another item of my bucket list into action, but now I have a dilemma. I really really really want to get to NYC this summer, but another item on my list is next in line and friends have suggested this one might be a whole lot better. A group of us would rent a large cottage in Port Dover (my favorite tourist place) and spend some much needed rest and relaxation on the shores of Lake Erie. It is close enough for the partners to go back and forth to work leaving us females the days free to wander the shops, have wonderful times at the lakeside restaurant deck having lunch and drinks. They both sound really fun and a week at the lake vs a long weekend in NYC will cost about the same, so I’m just going to let destiny play a role in what happens this summer. Besides which I am the first to say I was born under the wrong sign and everything I “plan” always seems to not work out, so leaving it in destiny’s hands is the way I will go!
Thinking about summer sure does make me smile since we have entered into yet another deep freeze. This one isn’t as bad as the first one but it’s still damn cold. It’s called the Polar Vortex and it certainly has most of Canada and some of the USA in its grip. All we can do is grin and bear it and stay as warm as possible.
Niagara Falls Ontario Canada