Monday, June 9, 2014

Time Flies

I’m not sure where the time went, one minute it was the end of April and now is already going into the second week of June. I guess it’s true “time flies when you are having fun”. Work was finished for me the 1st week of May and I have to say that I really am glad about that. This last job stint was a learning lesson to say the least, but at least I can say that I did it. I worked for a very well-known Taxation Corporation and even though the people I worked with were super friendly and very easy to like, the politics of this place was enough to make me regret my decision. The business it’s self is a great one, but the way they take advantage of people who have no clue on how to make tax season a little less painless is really frightening. I cringed so many times as people came to me to pay for the services they received and I had no choice but to smile as they handed over a ridiculous sum of money  and say thank you for choosing H&R Block and we hope to see them again next year. Had my supervisor not had the desk right behind me since she was also a Tax Pro and could also hear what I was saying, I would have discourage some customers into coming in to us and would have sent them somewhere cheaper. I was Front End Reception and was responsible for looking at the customers forms and Government slips, putting them into files and then assigning the right “Tax Professional” to the right customer. I was the one they paid once the service had been rendered, I was the one that would direct them to the proper places in order to apply for different services to help next Tax Season to be a better one and I was also the one they complained to when they were out-raged at the total cost of everything. This is a job that I doubt very much that I will ever do again for this company!
On a happier note, on April 30th I became a “Nana”. This time it was to a human baby and not another English Bull Dog. Her name is Hanna and she is just perfect. Oh I intend to spoil this little princess so much and smile as I secretly whisper “it’s your turn now” when she is cranky and mom and dad have to deal with her. I now know the wonderful feeling of having a second generation begin as I watch this little princess sleep in my arms. This picture is my first born holding her first born. What an amazing feeling it is!

The first day of summer is fast approaching and I for one am going to make the most of it. I’m going to soak up the summer sun (being careful not to fry my skin) and just relax and let the days take me where they will! I have nothing really big planned, no bucket list items to do, but one never knows what will happen, so I’ll just take it day by day. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer season and remember;

 Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better and every summer has a story. ♥