Friday, October 24, 2014

October Happenings

Time flies when you’re having fun! We are in the home stretch of October and things here have been busy. I’m awaiting a phone call to start a new job, the best paying job to date so I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for the phone call to come in. There is still a few weeks before I start so I am excited. This one has benefits which I have never had before. I’ll be working for a place that has many companies throughout Ontario and I’ll be the front line once again. To say I am tired of the temp jobs is putting it mildly but finally it looks like my time has come to be on a full time payroll again, more to follow about this job when I am behind the desk with pen in hand.

Thanksgiving went well this year. We had dinner at my daughters place on the lake and what a wonderful day it was. The weather was perfect for a walk around the area surrounding the lakeside community. We even trekked through a wooded area leading to a horse farm. I had to laugh at my daughter because even though an electric fence sign was CLEARLY posted she had to check it out for herself and ended up down on her knees with a jolt that made her cuss loudly. A few others had to check it out as well and yes they were sent to their knees too. What can I say…trial by error? Dinner was delicious and filled with laughs about our walk and even Hanna joined in the laughter while putting in her 2 cents.
Halloween is just around the corner and this year I “swear” I am not buying candy to give out. The area we live in has no children so if we do get any kids; it’s just the odd teenager trying to scoop up some candy. For the past 3 years I have bought candy, chocolates and chips to give out to the Tricker Treaters and having so much left over I am “forced” to eat it myself, since I can’t let it spoil! So it’s going to be a candy free zone at my house this year maybe.

I think we are feeling the ends of Indian summer here. The weather has been gorgeous with afternoons being sweater weather and the nights giving us frost, but hey, we are Canada after all so it’s par for the course.
Speaking of Canada, we had some horrible events unfold over the last 2 weeks. Last week in Quebec, 2 members of The Canadian Armed Forces were purposely struck down by a vehicle. One of the soldiers died of his injuries, while the other soldier suffered some injuries. This week all eyes were on Ottawa when yet another unarmed young Canadian Soldier was shot at point blank range several times as he stood Guard at the Canada's National War Memorial in what has now been declared as being described as an attack on Canadian Parliament. The shooter was killed in a blaze of gun fire inside the Parliament Building. It was certainly a shocking and sad day for the family of this Soldier as they watched in disbelieve while the Media captured the attempt to revive their loved one on national television. This really P***ES me off but what is even worse is how some take this tragic event and compares it to the many tragic shootings in America. I’m speaking of Rosie O’Donnell’s remarks saying that many people lose their lives in America every day while one person loses their life by gun fire in Canada and the whole country morns. To me this was a total disrespect towards Canada and our Military since it was in no way comparable. Its heart breaking for anyone to die a senseless death but to make it seem like this Soldier's death should not be mourned by his country is beyond disrespectful. Shame on you Rosie! Shame on you!

This month we also have a Municipal election happening for all of Ontario. Voters in the province of Ontario will elect mayors, councillors, school board trustees and all other elected officials in all of the province's municipalities.
I’ll be so glad when it is over since I am tired of the phone calls from the different candidates asking for my vote. I’m tired of the constant posting of political views and being told “Don’t forget to Vote” on Face Book so I have started to delete any posts regarding this. Call me bitchy, but I am a grown woman who DOES vote and as far back as I can remember voting has always been a private thing since they have private booths where one can cast their vote in private. The political debates and constant political views on Facebook are really annoying. We get enough of that during the Televised Debates with all the Candidates. I often wonder if these people who insist on being political on a Social Network would stand at the voting booths and declare to everyone that enters who they are voting for…I think not! So why do it on a social network? Ok that was more a rant than anything, but oh well J

I hope everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR   HALLOWEEN