Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The heat of the summer

With Mother Nature on a fiery rampage the temperatures have been pretty brutal. The grass has turned from lush green into crunchy hay type ground covering. The flowers have pretty much wilted into nothing but colourless sticks haphazardly sticking out from their planters and the once vibrant gardens. Air conditioners are heard buzzing between every house as the heat blankets us tightly. Lordy I thought the constant hot flashes were bad, but this summer heat tops it off. Maybe it’s my age, and damn I hope it’s not, but I just can’t seem to adjust to this heat.

I received a call yesterday asking if I was available to cover a few shifts since the centers in the city will be opened to the public as free cooling stations. I of course said I was able to cover the shifts and then the caller proceeds to go into all the problems she has had to deal with. Granted the new Supervisor is more than a few crayons short of a full box but on the other hand, this particular caller was the shark that was swimming and circling the old Supervisors desk as soon as she announced her retirement. As far as I’m concerned, what goes around comes around. If she can’t handle the stress of dealing with a half empty box of crayons she should not have tried to make it crystal clear (to me especially) that she knows more than what she really does. Karma is a bitch for sure. She even suggested that myself and another co-worker send an email to the “Big Boss” telling her of any concerns we had. It took all I had not to bust out laughing since only a few short months ago my concerns were scoffed at as though I no right to feel as I did. She then had the nerve to say that since my co worker and I had been employed the longest that we should voice our concerns. Well hells bells I had to contain myself because those same short months ago, when I mentioned my years of employment and the rights that “should” be mine, I was chastised by her, my co worker and a fill in Supervisor. Now all of a sudden my years of employment count????. I listened to her go on and on and when I hung up I just shook my head. I’m happy where I am. I would never stab others unexpectedly to gain footing on the so called corporate ladder as I was stabbed. That’s just not the way I am. Like I said, I am happy where I am and I know that whatever I achieve I have done so without running others over to get there.

I hope everyone has been able to stay as cool as possible and are enjoying “The heat of the summer”

Friday, July 15, 2011

Have a good weekend!

Well things are back to normal after my holiday. I never really realized how much I did miss my good friend until I saw here standing inside the airport. As I said in the previous blog I had a wonderful time and look forward to many more visits with her and her hubby.

It’s funny how time away from the stress and drama of my work place has given me a renewed sense of value and self preservation. There were many thoughts that ran threw my mind as I took a well deserved break from that place and in all honesty I was never so glad to put distance between me and it. The back stabbing and drama was put into a whole new light for me and I vowed never to let it get to me again. I’m not employed in a place that will make me a millionaire, or even comfortably well off. Let’s just say people on social assistance make more a month than what I do so therefore I needed to weigh things out. Was it going to be the silly little squabbles and the meagre pay cheque, or was it going be my sanity? Of course I chose my sanity (what little I have left anyway…lol). I did have to pat myself on the back when I got back from vacation. I had sent an email to my supervisor and the big boss letting them know I would be home in time to cover Sunday shift. When I did get home I checked my work email just to make sure there were no last minute rentals and low and behold my supervisor had gotten someone else to cover the Sunday shift. I was a bit miffed at that, but didn’t get really angry. I figured it wasn’t worth the energy it takes to get completely pissed off. I actually felt very proud of myself for not letting it really bother me. It really is true that things happen for a reason and I was able to enjoy and have an unexpected relaxing day.

I hope everyone has a cool, relaxing and fun weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a wonderful Time

There are times in every ones life where one has to get away from the stress, fast paced moving society that we all live in. I did just that last week. I took a long awaited journey north to reconnect with a childhood friend and what an amazing time I had. I took this journey alone and never regretted one moment of the trip, well except the journey back home.
The flight there was pretty smooth, once the plane actually took off. It was 45 minutes late sending me into a rather nervous sweat. Finally the boarding call came and I was able to begin my vacation. Once the plane took off everyone was offered complimentary food and beverages. As I open my box there inside all wrapped up was a green wrap that I think was filled with chicken. I looked at the man beside me as he took a bit of his and immediately put it back in his box. I chose not to even try mine. The small (and when I say small I mean small) wasn’t too bad at all, but the small glass of wine was very welcomed. My plane reservations said the flight was 55 minutes but as the Captain began his usual welcome to my plane speech he told us we would be landing in Sudbury in 35 minutes. I distinctly remember thinking, only 35 minutes? There goes my second small glass of wine . I have to say the Pilot and Stewardess were very accommodating as well as very comical. The Pilot himself was cracking jokes with us before he disappeared behind the closed doors that would seclude him so he could concentrate on flying the plane. After a short time in the air with very little turbulence the call came over the intercom that we would be landing in a very balmy Sudbury. The landing it’s self was very rough but when I stepped off the plane and walked into the airport I was greeted by a huge smile and tight hug.
During my week long visit with my good friend we spent time reconnecting and talking about hurts wounds and other things that had left some tattered edges on our long time friendship. The beautiful secluded area gave me plenty of time alone to sit and think about everything in my life and how I have begun to “shed my skin” and step into my own being. I am learning how to let things go that I thought were good for me, but in all reality those things are not as good for me as I thought. I’m realizing that slowly I am finding myself and that the paths I have started to avoid are paths that I don’t need to explore any longer. I figure that at my age, if I am not accepted and loved for who and what I stand for then it’s those un-accepting ones that I have to let go of. I met a wonderful group of people during my stay and I could see all the happiness, love and acceptance for and from each and every one of them. At the end of the week there were many tears that had been shed and a whole lot of laughter that was shared. Those tattered edges to the friendship were mended with love and understanding, admitting and truly forgiving.