Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The heat of the summer

With Mother Nature on a fiery rampage the temperatures have been pretty brutal. The grass has turned from lush green into crunchy hay type ground covering. The flowers have pretty much wilted into nothing but colourless sticks haphazardly sticking out from their planters and the once vibrant gardens. Air conditioners are heard buzzing between every house as the heat blankets us tightly. Lordy I thought the constant hot flashes were bad, but this summer heat tops it off. Maybe it’s my age, and damn I hope it’s not, but I just can’t seem to adjust to this heat.

I received a call yesterday asking if I was available to cover a few shifts since the centers in the city will be opened to the public as free cooling stations. I of course said I was able to cover the shifts and then the caller proceeds to go into all the problems she has had to deal with. Granted the new Supervisor is more than a few crayons short of a full box but on the other hand, this particular caller was the shark that was swimming and circling the old Supervisors desk as soon as she announced her retirement. As far as I’m concerned, what goes around comes around. If she can’t handle the stress of dealing with a half empty box of crayons she should not have tried to make it crystal clear (to me especially) that she knows more than what she really does. Karma is a bitch for sure. She even suggested that myself and another co-worker send an email to the “Big Boss” telling her of any concerns we had. It took all I had not to bust out laughing since only a few short months ago my concerns were scoffed at as though I no right to feel as I did. She then had the nerve to say that since my co worker and I had been employed the longest that we should voice our concerns. Well hells bells I had to contain myself because those same short months ago, when I mentioned my years of employment and the rights that “should” be mine, I was chastised by her, my co worker and a fill in Supervisor. Now all of a sudden my years of employment count????. I listened to her go on and on and when I hung up I just shook my head. I’m happy where I am. I would never stab others unexpectedly to gain footing on the so called corporate ladder as I was stabbed. That’s just not the way I am. Like I said, I am happy where I am and I know that whatever I achieve I have done so without running others over to get there.

I hope everyone has been able to stay as cool as possible and are enjoying “The heat of the summer”

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