Monday, August 1, 2011

summer is only half started...a stab at being an optimist.....

So, we are now at the half way point of summer and so far it has been a great one. I really enjoyed my trip north and the re-connection of a much loved and valued friendship. I have been keeping myself busy by doing day trips here and there. I have been visiting Port Dover to have the famous arbour dog and some very delicious perch on a regular basis (the ole waistline has been enjoying these trips waaaaaaaaaay to much). I also went to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Now that was a trip well worth my time. Some have passions in gardening, cross stitching, donkeys and many other wonderful things. Mine just happens to be butterflies.

Ok the campsite is booked and I’m preparing myself for the chest thumps of the evening campfires. Oh this should be good and I’ll not say anymore until after that weekend has passed as I’m sure the weekend will be filled with many tongue biting moments.

This week will just be spent doing nothing. I believe even the dust bunny’s need a summer vacation too and well me being such a gracious hostess to them I say to them
-“enjoy yourself while you can my fine fluffy friends!”

And on that note my dear blogger friends I will leave you with one more thought……..

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