Monday, August 15, 2011


Ah the memories! What a wonderful thing it is to travel down the paths of time gone by. There has been a old group but new for others including myself onto Facebook. This group is dedicated to people who grew up in Brantford and can remember different things. It’s officially called “If you grew up in Brantford you remember…….. or IYGUIBYR for short. I signed into this group and wow, what a group this is. There are over 3,000 people in this group and all have memories of different things in Brantford as we were growing up. I have connected with a few school friends from my past and it’s amazing. It’s strange when you first start thinking about all those memories, it really makes one feel old, but once you see others remember them too, it’s like you are transformed back in time. I have re-visited places I used to hang out, things I did as a kid, troubles I got into and even visited the schools and certain school teachers that were in my past. I have posted some of my memories and others have eagerly posted back saying they remember this, or they remember that and I have done the same thing to other peoples posts. There are a few sad memories that people have posted but the majority are fun and either make you chuckle silently to yourself or burst out laughing saying “OMG I remember that!” It’s a great group and one that is extremely fun to be part of. They did have a flash mob on Saturday on the Zellars parking lot. I would have loved to have gone but other plans and taken its place. That particular parking lot was chosen since parked there permanently is one of the few remaining “original” Stan’s french fry truck. I can only imagine how busy those poor French fry servers were during this event! I’m an original/lifer Brantfordtonian and proud of it!!!!!

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