Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rainy Saturday Morning

Well here I am, sitting in front of the office computer. It’s just beginning to get light out and it’s pouring rain. Most people are either still in bed, or just getting up. I’m watching the rain pour down as a group of hockey players stand in the main lobby having their morning coffee and catching up on their weekly gossip. Yes fellow bloggers, men DO gossip! Oh I have heard some of the most outrageous gossip from pretty much all the hockey groups that enter our facility. No. I’m not eaves dropping either. You have to understand that when men gossip, they do not lower their voice or lean in close to the person they are talking with. It seems that when men gossip, their voices grow a tad bit louder. Instead of cuss words happening every in every other sentence or so, they seem to spill out to every other word. I pretend NOT to hear, but inside I’m laughing my arse off. In all honesty there is a major difference between the gossiping genders. The female gossipers seem to steer their tid bits of information towards the catty and insulting areas, where as our male counterparts are sharing their information in a more back-slapping, belly laugh “is that f***ed up or what?” direction. I guess if I have to be sitting here at work this early on a Saturday morning I might as well sit back and enjoy the sounds of the male titter- tattle.

Oh by the way… I hope everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another challenge accomplished...yahhh for me!

Today I did something that was a pretty big deal for me. Most probably won’t think it’s such a great achievement since they do it many times over, but I will say it took a bit of courage on my part to accomplish this feat. I had been mulling over the idea of changing my hair style and colour. Oh don’t snicker yet. The style change is one thing but a different colour was way to out there for me. I made an appointment with the hair salon my P.I.C had recommended and on my own I ventured outward to my destination. The stylist I had was very understanding and to be honest very compassionate when she realized my nervousness. It’s hard to explain just how difficult a change like this is for me. I have done a few things to make myself feel better, but a change of hair style and adding highlights is something that is hard for me. As she foiled my hair she told me about her own recent experiences on making changes in her life. She even told me about how some of her friends didn’t understand and realize what a big step she was taking because the changes she decided to make were everyday living for her friends. Within the 2 hours I spent with this woman we exchanged a few of the change experiences that we have done. We had a lot of laughs and even drew in a few of the other patrons into our discussion. All in all I was more than satisfied with the outcome and after the many compliments on my hair I was able to walk out feeling a lot better about myself.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Turning a page.........

Today was rather a strange day. It was fairly mild and the sun did peek out a few times but most of the day it was cloudy. I guess sometimes the weather does really match ones mood. The grey dismal feeling of the day spilt over into the events of my day. It wasn’t a day of a so called pity party but a day of having a light flick on inside my head. I’m sure we all have days where things just don’t seem to be right but you can’t seem to put your finger on what it is and then something is said or done and “bingo” the light all of a sudden gets turned on. Well that was my day today. It’s not a bad thing, but yet again it’s not really a good thing either. It’s just what it is, something that just wasn’t meant to be.

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn. ~David Russell

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another chapter written....

Abraham Lincoln:
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

This weekend I had to do something that I had been putting off. There are some things in ones life that has to be dealt with whether you want to or not and this was one of those times in my life. Saturday evening I spent some time up at my dad’s place and helped his companion go through his belongings. Boy that was pretty difficult. There were some tears, but there was some laughter to go along with them. I never realized how much of a pack rat my father was. As for his clothing, well lordy he had some clothes that I would guess to be almost as old as he was! With a bottle of wine to keep us company, we got to work boxing up his clothes in order to donate them to the local Thrift Shops and the Salvation Army. On Sunday evening my brother came in from London and met myself and my other two sisters up at my dads. We spent some time reminiscing about both mom and dad. Again there were some tears but we couldn’t help laugh as each of us recalled different things in our lives that had happened. It’s hard to believe that mom has been gone for 22 years now. Well 22 yrs come November 24th. There were a lot of “oh my god, do you remember this?” And fits of laughter rang throughout the apartment when my brother pointed out the huge almost afro like perm I had in a few of the pictures. All I could say was, “what the hell was I thinking when I had that done????????” I laid claim to all those horrid pictures so that I could make sure that the days of DM and her fro would never been seen again! We didn’t realize how late it was, so we ordered a pizza and of course had more wine while we finished going through all the pictures. I’ll admit my childhood and teen years were filled with more than a few traumatic events and it was certainly no picnic by any means, but when all is said and done, I survived and that’s what is important.

So, now another chapter in my life has been written and as we all left with some sentimental possessions of my fathers, I looked around one last time and whispered softly “Rest in peace Mom and Dad” and then closed the door for the last time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Time Flies..........????????

I’m not sure whether Mother Nature is or whether Old Man Winter had a slight brain fart. Either way we felt and saw the effects of it. Yesterday we actually had a bit of snow flurry activity with the cold winds and it is only mid October. This is way too early in the season to see this. Last Night I didn’t get away from work until almost 10pm and hells bells it was cold! This morning I woke up to a very frosty morning. I took Bentley out for his morning ritual and almost slipped on my arse on the deck. It was covered with a thick layer of frost. I’m trying to figure out if the Global Warming we hear so much about has actually forgot about Indian Summer or if those two words have long been forgotten. Back a long time ago in a land I will refer to as my childhood, I remember the colourful and warm days of Indian Summer as being fun. Walking to school kicking piles of leaves and watching them scatter or trying to find the brightest colour of Maple leaf that was perfectly shaped. I live on a main route the children take to get to school and so far this season I have not seen anything remotely resembling what I remember. Now occasionally I do slip into my “Sometimers Mode” where upon I forget where my glasses are and search the house frantically not realizing I’m wearing them, but come on now, children laughing and kicking leaves as they walk is something even my mind could remember (at least I hope so). And to top it all off, yesterday while I was curled up on the couch with a heavy blanket and a nice hot cup of tea watching whatever held my attention on T.V. I actually saw a Christmas commercial! Come on people!! We just had Thanksgiving and we haven’t even put the jack-o-lanterns out for Halloween yet, and I witness a commercial with dancing Christmas gifts shuffling their way towards a decorated Christmas tree? If this is really what they mean when they say time goes by faster when you are an adult, to hell with being an adult. I want to be a kid again!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just another day

Today was just a laze around day. I did have plans but due to circumstances beyond my control they had to be postponed. During my day I had a lot of time to reflect on things that have happened in my life over the last year. I’ve experienced new things, put an end to old things, felt and experienced heartbreak and experienced yet another loss in my life. Yes I know, everyone goes through these stages in their lives and I’m not making light of their situations, but there are days when someone else’s pain doesn’t seem as big as mine. Does that make me selfish? I don’t think it does since we all feel different things at different times. I’m the one that has to do the proverbial “pull up my big girl panties and get on with life” so to speak and at times that’s a hard feat to do but somehow I always manage. So, here I am. Cheering with a Banana colada while I get ready to shake my booty doing the single single double!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!!

Thanksgiving did not become an official holiday in Canada until January 31st, 1957; when Parliament proclaimed that the 2nd Monday in October would "be a Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed".
That doesn't mean that Canadians never thanked the higher power or powers in the past for bountiful harvests; only that this was the first recognition of the day we now celebrate as Thanksgiving Day
There is one aspect of North American culture that really gets on my last nerve, and that is this obsession with being "first" and finding the "first". All too often in their quest to determine who was number one, they lose sight of what was really important. That being said, many have credited Martin Frobisher with holding the first Thanksgiving, when in 1578 he held a feast to thank God for his safe landing at Newfoundland.
However, the Canadian people were holding thanksgiving feasts thousands of years before he ever arrived, so we certainly know that he was not the first; and besides, who cares? Saying "Thank God we didn't drown", has absolutely nothing to do with the way that we celebrate Thanksgiving, and Martin Frobisher's accomplishments belong with navigational history and exploration; not agriculture. The farmer is slighted enough.
In France, even before the arrival of French immigrants to Canada; an annual event took place giving thanks for a good harvest.
This practice was continued with the early French settlers who would hold feasts of "thanksgiving", inspired by similar and frequent celebrations that took place in most native communities; both before and after the harvest. The Acadians took it one step further and every year would hold a party and dance in honour of their aboriginal neighbours, to thank them for their help during the lean times, and for being such gracious hosts to their ancestors when they first arrived in the country.
The first traditional style of celebrating Thanksgiving began with a fall festival known as The Harvest Home. It was usually celebrated on a weekday, though churches would often hold them on a Sunday, when the altar, columns, window ledges and archways were decorated with autumn fruits and vegetables. In some communities the local women even placed some of their finest baking in the display. After the Thanksgiving Service, there would be a community dinner consisting of large pots of baked beans, meat pies, fruit pies, squash, turnips, home-made pickles and salads. After dinner the men would go to the rectory to talk and smoke (no football games to watch), while the children played games and the women strolled about gossiping, exchanging wisdom and offering advice. By late afternoon, the congregation disbanded, though often the festivities were simply moved to their own homes. Sunday was always thought to be the best day for courting or "sparking", so no doubt many young couples began their romantic liaisons at a Harvest Home. From this event emerged the Agricultural Fall Fair, where the ladies from the local church would display their baking, preserves, and hand made articles. The events generally lasted all day and included competitions like log sawing or rolling; races and greased pole climbs. The first charity bazaar is believed to have been held by Lady Colborne, wife of the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in 1830. This became an annual event when all of the affluent women donated various "pretty toys", which were sold to raise money to clothe the poor, and purchase red flannel to make undergarments for the less fortunate. The women would make a party of it and often pressured their male acquaintances into purchasing items they probably didn't need or want. At least one etiquette book of the day frowned on the practice: "If you have a table at a fair, use no unladylike means to obtain buyers. Never appear so beggarly as to retain the change, if a larger amount is presented than the price, offer the change promptly, when the gentleman will be at liberty to donate it if he thinks best, and you may accept with thanks. He is under no obligation to make such a donation". Possibly the first "Thanksgiving Day" of note was proclaimed in Halifax in 1763; after the Peace of Paris ceded Canada to Britain. In Ontario there is mention of a Thanksgiving Day on June 18, 1816, celebrating the English victory over Napoleon, but again these were not really anything like the "bountiful harvest" that the day is meant to honour.
By 1879, taking the lead from Sara Hale, editor of Godey's Lady's Book; the annual event was officially named the Fall Festival and began with the traditional turkey shoot.
The cornucopia, which originated in Greek Mythology as the Horn of Amalthea, a symbol of prosperity; was later adopted as a symbol of the event. A curved goat's horn would be filled with vegetables, fruits and grains, which also became known as a "horn of plenty", and though actual goat's horns are rarely used anymore, the cornucopia is recognized by many cultures as representing a "bountiful harvest".

Monday, October 5, 2009


My heart was in my throat; my armpits were soaked due to the panicked state of my mind and my hands were trembling so much that I thought they would actually fall off due to the constant hard vibrations of every nerve in my body as it went into overload. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes (and there was nothing exciting in that) as I whispered over and over “Oh My God! What the f**k did I just do?”

Main Entry: de•lete
Pronunciation: \di-ˈlēt, dē-\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): de•let•ed; de•let•ing
Etymology: Latin deletus, past participle of delēre to wipe out, destroy
Date: circa 1605
: to eliminate especially by blotting out, cutting out, or erasing

I had screwed up royally and there was no way on this earth that I was going to explain to my supervisor that I had accidently deleted a clients entire contract so I did the only thing I could think of (besides run away and never come back) I called my old Supervisor praying to all that’s supposed to be holy that she would be home. For a change, luck was on my side and I almost wept with joy when I heard her voice. In a panicked “oh my god please help me voice”, I quickly explained to her what I did and begged her to help me rectify my royal screw up before I had to go in front of my current supervisor and explain what I did. I could hear her soft chuckles over my panicked state as she walked me through the entire process over the phone. Again I almost wept with joy as the clients contract was put back into place. The only issue I have to worry about now is the client’s contract number is different from the first. I’m so hoping that my supervisor will not notice this tiny change since she seems to be focused on other things at the moment. I owe my guardian angel big time!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A cruise on the Grand River Queen

I think I was born in the wrong year. Either that or my Irish background doesn’t seem to be as lucky as some. Late Friday afternoon we made our way to Caledonia to cruise down the Grand River while dinning on a roast beef dinner. The cruise and dinner were excellent but Mother Nature had decided to go into P.M.S mode again sending the rain to dampen (no pun intended) our fun. The cruise lasted 3 hours and even though it was raining the majority of the trip it still turned out wonderful.

Captain Emily steered the boat ever so slowly while doing her commentary and putting a humours spin on the history of the Caledonia stretch of the Grand River. During the brief periods of no rain, we stepped out onto the deck of the boat and took in the sites. We all had to laugh when a flash of lightening lit up the sky followed by a very low rumbling of thunder, which in turn was followed by the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” being played over the boats speaker system. Dinner was served at 6pm and it was amazing. It was not the deli typed roast beef, but it was a “real” roast of beef. The potatoes were not instant; they were actually peeled and boiled and the vegetables were a mixture of garden grown cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and beans. Desert was a fresh homemade strawberry shortcake. There was enough to feed a small army! So there Mother Nature, we had a good time despite your trying to dampen our spirits!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A relaxing day

Saying goodbye to the month of September wasn’t that hard to do since the weather hasn’t been that great. October doesn’t look to promising either, but oh well, that’s Mother Natures department. I’ll just try and keep the image of summer around a wee bit longer, at least until the majority of the leaves turn colour. That’s when I really enjoy the fall season. Yesterday was another lazy day for me. Seems like I’m getting into the habit of being lazy and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I did spend the morning passing emails back and forth to a friend and that took up a good portion of the day and gave me lots of laughs. Last night I took the time to light a few candles, pour myself a martini and had a nice soak in the tub. Ahhhh, the bliss of having no children at home any more.

Today I’m off to work and then doing odds and ends during the afternoon. Later I’ll be off to have dinner while enjoying a boat cruise down the Grand River. I’ve lived here all my live and I have never cruised down the river so now I will be able to strike yet another thing off my bucket list. I still have one more item to take care of before 2009 has ended. I’m not sure what I will do next but since I’m growing more confident within my own self I’m sure I’ll achieve my goal.

Well behaved women rarely make history!!