Saturday, October 3, 2009

A cruise on the Grand River Queen

I think I was born in the wrong year. Either that or my Irish background doesn’t seem to be as lucky as some. Late Friday afternoon we made our way to Caledonia to cruise down the Grand River while dinning on a roast beef dinner. The cruise and dinner were excellent but Mother Nature had decided to go into P.M.S mode again sending the rain to dampen (no pun intended) our fun. The cruise lasted 3 hours and even though it was raining the majority of the trip it still turned out wonderful.

Captain Emily steered the boat ever so slowly while doing her commentary and putting a humours spin on the history of the Caledonia stretch of the Grand River. During the brief periods of no rain, we stepped out onto the deck of the boat and took in the sites. We all had to laugh when a flash of lightening lit up the sky followed by a very low rumbling of thunder, which in turn was followed by the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” being played over the boats speaker system. Dinner was served at 6pm and it was amazing. It was not the deli typed roast beef, but it was a “real” roast of beef. The potatoes were not instant; they were actually peeled and boiled and the vegetables were a mixture of garden grown cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and beans. Desert was a fresh homemade strawberry shortcake. There was enough to feed a small army! So there Mother Nature, we had a good time despite your trying to dampen our spirits!

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ME said...

That looks like a great time to spend on the river, I always wanted to do that one too. Maybe now that I heard your great review I might try it next summer.....