Friday, August 31, 2012

Good-Bye Summer of 2012

Here we are once again with another summer coming to a close. It’s hard to believe the final long weekend is upon us. I hope everyone enjoyed the hot humid joke Mother Nature played on us and didn’t suffer too much. I myself had a very good summer and was able to really let loose and enjoy myself for once. This time last year I was dreading the day I would have to walk back into the hallowed halls of my old employment, but as the seasons change, so do our lives. From what I have been reading and from what I have been told, not much has changed in that place. There is still the drama queens running around. It’s so good to walk into my job and know drama isn’t tolerated. So yes, I have survived!!! :)

To kick off the Labour Day long weekend we will be grace by the last “Blue Moon” until 2015 tonight.

Saturday we will be going to Port Dover to stroll through the shops before they close for the season and then make our way to have the final perch dinner on the shores of Lake Erie ending off the summer of 2012. The only thing that would make the day the best ever is if my good friend was there and we could take a picture of our feet in the sand. Last time we did that the sand was so hot that it actually burned the bottoms of our feet! Sunday it will be a day of relaxation and then Sunday night there will be a bonfire in our back yard to officially close out the summer. It has rained so there is no fire ban and everyone is looking forward to sitting in front of the fire, laughing chatting and playing guitars. Now usually we have a fish fry, but due to the low levels in the surrounding waters the fish were pretty scarce through the summer. So sadly the fish fry won’t happen.
 Monday will be another day of relaxing and enjoying the final day of the summer and remember.........
            The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What personality are You????

The Duty Fulfiller

Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. They can usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it.

The Mechanic

Quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things. Risk-takers who they live for the moment. Usually interested in and talented at extreme sports. Uncomplicated in their desires. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.

The Nurturer

Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Can be depended on to follow through. Usually puts the needs of others above their own needs. Stable and practical, they value security and traditions. Well-developed sense of space and function. Rich inner world of observations about people. Extremely perceptive of other's feelings. Interested in serving others.

The Artist

Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoy the present moment.

The Protector

Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive. Tend to stick to things until they are done. Extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. Well-developed value systems which they strictly adhere to. Well-respected for their perseverance in doing the right thing. Likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following.

The Idealist

Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually talented writers. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.

The Scientist

Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from their visions. Long-range thinkers. Have very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others. Natural leaders, but will follow if they trust existing leaders.

The Thinker

Logical, original, creative thinkers. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings. Highly value knowledge, competence and logic. Quiet and reserved, hard to get to know well. Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others.

The Doer

Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. "Doers" who are focused on immediate results. Living in the here-and-now, they're risk-takers who live fast-paced lifestyles. Impatient with long explanations. Extremely loyal to their peers, but not usually respectful of laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Great people skills.

The Guardian

Practical, traditional, and organized. Likely to be athletic. Not interested in theory or abstraction unless they see the practical application. Have clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal and hard-working. Like to be in charge. Exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities. "Good citizens" who value security and peaceful living.

The Performer

People-oriented and fun-loving, they make things more fun for others by their enjoyment. Living for the moment, they love new experiences. They dislike theory and impersonal analysis. Interested in serving others. Likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Well-developed common sense and practical ability.

The Caregiver

Whole hearted, popular, and conscientious. Tend to put the needs of others over their own needs. Feel strong sense of responsibility and duty. Value traditions and security. Interested in serving others. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves. Well-developed sense of space and function.

The Inspirer

Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with their inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

The Giver

Popular and sensitive, with outstanding people skills. Externally focused, with real concern for how others think and feel. Usually dislike being alone. They see everything from the human angle, and dislike impersonal analysis. Very effective at managing people issues, and leading group discussions. Interested in serving others, and probably place the needs of others over their own needs.

 The Visionary

Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoy debating issues, and may be into "one-up-manship". They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Generally outspoken and assertive. They enjoy people and are stimulating company. Excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.

 The Executive

Assertive and outspoken - they are driven to lead. Excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Intelligent and well-informed, they usually excel at public speaking. They value knowledge and competence, and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization.

This was scent to me by a friend after we started talking about our personalities and how we are seen and or perceived by others. Now before reading this I was pretty sure that I was “The Artist” personality. After reading this I myself have found that I have at least one trait in each personality. Egads I feel like Sybil now!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lazy Dog Day's of Summer

My dog days of summer have most definitely been one for the books. Some things I would rather not think about but other things have certainly filled my heart with fun, laughter and love. We are going through some pretty hard times, but the love and support from friends far and near have just been wonderful. It’s a damn good feeling knowing that my back has been covered and the outstretched arms are welcoming. So before I start blubbering like an idjit overcome with menopausal emotions I’ll move onto more fun and exciting things. The heat has kept everyone pretty much indoors so not much has really been happening. Our area has had fire bands in place so the usual weekend nightly fires have been put on hold. It doesn’t stop the usual crowd gathering in front of the old chimnea with an out door light casting the pretend firelight laughing and joking around.

I’ve spent some time out at the lake. It’s wonderful when one has a family member that lives right on the shore. I’ve spent some time sunning on the boat, reading while others fish, and trying to keep my skin from turning that shade of bright red. All I can say is thank goodness they have made the sun screen up to SPF 80! My um, *grandchildren* just loves the water so it’s *eagle eye nana* watching over them…lol

I am going camping next weekend and that will help block out a wee bit of the stress of life. I’ll be able to post pictures after next coming weekend. So that’s it for my “Dog Days of Summer” for now at least. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I look forward to reading about everyone else’s summer adventures!