Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lazy Dog Day's of Summer

My dog days of summer have most definitely been one for the books. Some things I would rather not think about but other things have certainly filled my heart with fun, laughter and love. We are going through some pretty hard times, but the love and support from friends far and near have just been wonderful. It’s a damn good feeling knowing that my back has been covered and the outstretched arms are welcoming. So before I start blubbering like an idjit overcome with menopausal emotions I’ll move onto more fun and exciting things. The heat has kept everyone pretty much indoors so not much has really been happening. Our area has had fire bands in place so the usual weekend nightly fires have been put on hold. It doesn’t stop the usual crowd gathering in front of the old chimnea with an out door light casting the pretend firelight laughing and joking around.

I’ve spent some time out at the lake. It’s wonderful when one has a family member that lives right on the shore. I’ve spent some time sunning on the boat, reading while others fish, and trying to keep my skin from turning that shade of bright red. All I can say is thank goodness they have made the sun screen up to SPF 80! My um, *grandchildren* just loves the water so it’s *eagle eye nana* watching over them…lol

I am going camping next weekend and that will help block out a wee bit of the stress of life. I’ll be able to post pictures after next coming weekend. So that’s it for my “Dog Days of Summer” for now at least. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I look forward to reading about everyone else’s summer adventures!



Jeremy Bates said...

Glad you're covered all around!

SPF 80? Isn't that almost like wearing a medicine jacket? lol

By the way, is that an English bulldog in the water? I love those dogs!

Dawn Marie said...

lol...when one is a natural redhead with a very fair complexion, a medicine jacket really does come in handy...and yes...that's one of my daughters English bull dogs...she has 2...both females..that ones name is Tootie...or Toot for short...and yes...she lives up to that name!

JoJo said...

Sounds like a pretty great life! And I also burn rather than tan, then break out in a rash. Have fun camping!

Al Penwasser said...

Camping is a LOT of fun. I know you'll enjoy yourself. They've been talking about a fire ban around here. But, since it's been raining for two days, that's probably been tabled.

Ermie said...

Camping by a lake, reading and chilling with dogs sounds like my idea of perfection. Hope you're having fun!