Friday, August 31, 2012

Good-Bye Summer of 2012

Here we are once again with another summer coming to a close. It’s hard to believe the final long weekend is upon us. I hope everyone enjoyed the hot humid joke Mother Nature played on us and didn’t suffer too much. I myself had a very good summer and was able to really let loose and enjoy myself for once. This time last year I was dreading the day I would have to walk back into the hallowed halls of my old employment, but as the seasons change, so do our lives. From what I have been reading and from what I have been told, not much has changed in that place. There is still the drama queens running around. It’s so good to walk into my job and know drama isn’t tolerated. So yes, I have survived!!! :)

To kick off the Labour Day long weekend we will be grace by the last “Blue Moon” until 2015 tonight.

Saturday we will be going to Port Dover to stroll through the shops before they close for the season and then make our way to have the final perch dinner on the shores of Lake Erie ending off the summer of 2012. The only thing that would make the day the best ever is if my good friend was there and we could take a picture of our feet in the sand. Last time we did that the sand was so hot that it actually burned the bottoms of our feet! Sunday it will be a day of relaxation and then Sunday night there will be a bonfire in our back yard to officially close out the summer. It has rained so there is no fire ban and everyone is looking forward to sitting in front of the fire, laughing chatting and playing guitars. Now usually we have a fish fry, but due to the low levels in the surrounding waters the fish were pretty scarce through the summer. So sadly the fish fry won’t happen.
 Monday will be another day of relaxing and enjoying the final day of the summer and remember.........
            The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever!


JoJo said...

It was a miserable summer down here in coastal MA. Way too hot and humid and I'm glad to see it's over. Fall's my fave season! Have a great long weekend!

Josie Bisett said...

It's always too hot here in Texas! It doesn't feel like Summer is coming to a close any time soon! Autumn is my favourite season too - Yay for Halloween!

I'd like to give your very lovely blog the Liebster Blog award! Please stop by and collect it when you get a chance!