Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another challenge accomplished...yahhh for me!

Today I did something that was a pretty big deal for me. Most probably won’t think it’s such a great achievement since they do it many times over, but I will say it took a bit of courage on my part to accomplish this feat. I had been mulling over the idea of changing my hair style and colour. Oh don’t snicker yet. The style change is one thing but a different colour was way to out there for me. I made an appointment with the hair salon my P.I.C had recommended and on my own I ventured outward to my destination. The stylist I had was very understanding and to be honest very compassionate when she realized my nervousness. It’s hard to explain just how difficult a change like this is for me. I have done a few things to make myself feel better, but a change of hair style and adding highlights is something that is hard for me. As she foiled my hair she told me about her own recent experiences on making changes in her life. She even told me about how some of her friends didn’t understand and realize what a big step she was taking because the changes she decided to make were everyday living for her friends. Within the 2 hours I spent with this woman we exchanged a few of the change experiences that we have done. We had a lot of laughs and even drew in a few of the other patrons into our discussion. All in all I was more than satisfied with the outcome and after the many compliments on my hair I was able to walk out feeling a lot better about myself.

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ME said...

Wow , can't wait to see it, and I will miss Zumba.oh man, you have to post a pic on facebook, you know I am not very patient person lol