Friday, July 15, 2011

Have a good weekend!

Well things are back to normal after my holiday. I never really realized how much I did miss my good friend until I saw here standing inside the airport. As I said in the previous blog I had a wonderful time and look forward to many more visits with her and her hubby.

It’s funny how time away from the stress and drama of my work place has given me a renewed sense of value and self preservation. There were many thoughts that ran threw my mind as I took a well deserved break from that place and in all honesty I was never so glad to put distance between me and it. The back stabbing and drama was put into a whole new light for me and I vowed never to let it get to me again. I’m not employed in a place that will make me a millionaire, or even comfortably well off. Let’s just say people on social assistance make more a month than what I do so therefore I needed to weigh things out. Was it going to be the silly little squabbles and the meagre pay cheque, or was it going be my sanity? Of course I chose my sanity (what little I have left anyway…lol). I did have to pat myself on the back when I got back from vacation. I had sent an email to my supervisor and the big boss letting them know I would be home in time to cover Sunday shift. When I did get home I checked my work email just to make sure there were no last minute rentals and low and behold my supervisor had gotten someone else to cover the Sunday shift. I was a bit miffed at that, but didn’t get really angry. I figured it wasn’t worth the energy it takes to get completely pissed off. I actually felt very proud of myself for not letting it really bother me. It really is true that things happen for a reason and I was able to enjoy and have an unexpected relaxing day.

I hope everyone has a cool, relaxing and fun weekend!

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Mina said...

We are looking forward to future visits as well!