Thursday, April 29, 2010


How many times have you laughed so hard you actually pee’d your pants? Well today I did just that (thank god for extra absorbency panty liners) OMG…what a morning it was today at work. You really had to be there to appreciate the full sequence of events, but I’ll do my best to tell them the best way I can. Today is the one day that we have a very small class and by small I’m talking only 4 children in this class. 99% of our Thursdays are calm and quiet but there is the 1% where we just can’t seem to keep our wits about us. Whether we completely lose control of the 4 children or those small innocent bodies gain control over us is something we just can’t figure out yet. Anyway, today’s craft was one of the usual spring time crafts I have been doing over the last 15 yrs of working at the centre. We crafted our own version of a chia-pet, only we call it Mr. Grass Head. The craft is simplified by using a marker decorated Styrofoam cup filled with dirt and topped off with a layer of grass seed. Well this week I decided to use googly-eyes, small pompoms for the nose and a smile made out of coloured crafting rice only instead of telling the children it was really called, I called it coloured sprinkles. The first 2 children did their craft no problem and they had fun doing it. The third child is a miniature drama king and well with a few other ummm, I will be polite and call them “oddities” is always adding a bit of comedy to his weird behaviour. Anyway I sat down with this child and begun to explain the craft. I named everything that we would be using and turned my head for a split second to wipe my hand on the cloth. I turned just in time to see the child scooping a bit of the “coloured sprinkles” into his mouth. I immediately told him not to do that and told him that even though they would not hurt him they were not to eat and that they taste yucky. Well OMG…the look on his face was priceless! His eyes grew very wide and round, he wrinkled up his face and his head started to spasm and jerk. He immediately tried to gag and spit the “sprinkles” back into the container and then his whole body started to shudder and jerk as though he were having a complete out of this world body seizer. I tried to stay in control of this situation but it was just to damn funny. I was laughing so hard I was crying and peeing at the same time. He looked so funny twitching and jerking and said as plain as can be that it was not funny. Well hells bells P.I.C was laughing hard and so was I. I couldn’t stop. I tried…honest I did. In order to calm him down I hate to eat some of the “sprinkles” to show him that he was going to be ok. Well damn they DO taste yucky and I tried like hell to NOT wince and shudder myself. I sat for a good twenty minutes with the gritty crunchy “sprinkles” caught in my teeth and with a smile on my face all to keep this child calm and happy. Well we succeeded in having this child complete his craft and with a smile on his face to boot. This day is definitely one for the books!