Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Few Days

Hummm, what have I been doing over the last week? Well not much but that’s ok since I needed the break of work and stress. I passed my First Aid course with flying colours so that was a load off my mind. I really don’t mind the actual written test but it’s the “practical’s” part that I have a difficult time with. I dislike being the center of attention but in order to pass that part of the course you are given a life saving scenario from the Instructor. You are given no information other than what the Instructor visualizes in her mind and in a speedy and efficient manor you have to perform first aid as others watch your every move. I’m just happy that I don’t have to go through that again for another 3 years.

Friday I went and had my hair done since it really needed to be cut again. The high lights are a bit blonder than usual but hey it hides the silver/grey strands that are trying so hard to reveal my age. Every so often I get a compliment on how one can not believe I am as old as I really am. Now that just might be politeness on the other person’s part, but hells bells I’m going to bask in those types of compliments as long as I possibly can. I am eating my own words since I was a big advocate about growing old gracefully. Holy creaking bones batman, there is no grace in creaking bones, crows’ feet and that damn made-up name of laugh lines. All I can say is thank goodness for firming creams and toners to hide those frigging wrinkles and crevices!

Saturday I had the full morning to myself since the other half went fishing. Yahhhhhhh! Fishing season has now begun. I do send my condolences to the different species of Trout but if push comes to shove I’ll stock the damn rivers and creeks with fish myself. Anyway, I spent most of the morning chatting with a friend online and then spent some time on the phone talking to another really good friend. Saturday afternoon after the other half came home and cleaned up we were off to Port Dover with good friends to have dinner and a few hours of fun and laughter. Boy the memories sure flooded back as I sat next to the window looking out over the lake. As always the perch dinner was to die for and we all left the restaurant stuffed and content. It was rather windy and cold as well as drizzly but I just could not leave Port Dover until I took a walk on the pier.

Sunday morning I was off to work. It was good since finally the sports groups are ending and the usual first group were not coming so I didn’t have to be to work as early. The second group are still active for at least another 3 to 4 weeks and the third group that have been coming are still booking week by week so I’m not sure when they are ending. Unless there is a booking that comes in I will finally have my Saturdays free. There is one rental coming up at the end of May but that’s about it. Sunday night after dinner I sat back with a glass of wine and just watched whatever was on T.V. Now I could really get used to that.

Monday was dedicated to housework, and with my music cranked I boogied with the broom and sang into the mop handle at the top of my lungs as the 2 dogs and cat sat watching with puzzled looks on their faces. It was a good day over all and I topped it off during the night with another glass of wine and my eyes glued to a rugged, nasty, foul mouthed moody yet sexy man. Yep that’s right. My eyes where riveted to Hugh Laurie A.K.A…Dr Gregory House.

Today I had to calm the clothes hamper down by doing laundry. The expanding and bulging sides were crying out for relief. So being the caring person I am, I dragged the over flowing hamper down the basement stairs only to find out that the 2 long fluorescent bulbs hanging above the washer and dryer were burnt out. Taking the flashlight that I always keep handy, I was able to fish out a small table lamp from the pile of misfit odds and ends at the back of the basement. It really is rather spooky being in the dark basement with only a small 40 watt lamp giving off dim lightening so I can do laundry. Any how, I managed to ease the burden of the hamper and I think I actually heard a sigh of relief as it collapsed back into its normal shape. Between folding laundry and watching T.V today I think I had a very hectic day. (please humour me and picture the woman on the commercial sprinkling flour and water over her face to appear she has been very busy).

I am now at work with my bestest customer service smile, greeting all that walk through the doors. I’m here till 10 tonight, and then it’s home for yet another glass of wine before I go to bed. Ok, stop saying another night of having wine? I have a few ready excuses. Wine goes flat fast. It’s a big bottle and well I don’t want the wine to suffer so I need to finish off the bottle!

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