Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

Wow, what a wonderful Easter Weekend so far and with the forecast predictions it’s supposed to be a wonderfully sunny and warm Easter Sunday. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend and may the chocolate fantasizes of this weekend be a good one for all!

Between the cloud and the sun the day looks promising even though I am working today. I had a coffee delivered to me by a friend who was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by for a bit of a chat. The usual Saturday morning hockey group is in the gym and an upstairs rental is here to decorate for a birthday party later in the day. It’s days like today that I really don’t mind working since everything seems to be falling into place the way it’s supposed to. Even though the weather is breaking some warm weather records, I’m sure Mother Nature has a few surprises in store. The end of the sports rental season is slowly drawing to a close as some of the groups have cancelled the remainder of their bookings until the fall season. That in it’s self is a good thing. At least for me it is. Yes the pay will suck, but I will finally have some time to myself. I do have my days off, but it seems that those days are spent doing all the household chores that I’m not able to complete throughout the week. So far it’s only been wishful thinking that I can sit in the sun and relax having my morning coffee, my afternoon tea or a glass of wine on the front porch watching the early evening sun slowly sinking into the horizon. I’m really looking forward to that!

Accident, clumsiness or just plain careless. I haven’t decided which it is yet. Yesterday I was going down the basement steps taking a load of laundry down to the washer. One minute I’m holding the basket the next minute I’m on the floor trying to figure out what the hell just happened. It would appear that wearing slippers is not a good idea when one is walking down carpeted stairs since the sole of my slippers are damn slippery! Damn did I land hard. My wrist is rather tender since I instinctively caught most of my weight by breaking my fall with my hand, but my foot seemed to want to go in a different direction causing it to turn outward. Damn that really does hurt. Thank goodness I didn’t hear a snap or a crack, but my foot is 2 sizes thicker than what it was only moments ago. I now have a really colorful bluish tinge starting from my ankle all the way to my toes and damn, I’m limping….. son of a &***&. Getting my shoe on to go to work today took a bit of careful maneuvering, but I did it. It’s damn tender, no let me correct that and be as blunt as possible. It hurts like hell! But I will hobble my way through the day with a smile pasted on my face.

Last night I spent a good 2 hours icing my ankle and chatting on the phone to a good friend of mine. We both started reminiscing about the days of long ago and how things were so different back then. We chatted about our kids, our lives and things we wished we would have done and other things that we would have done differently. It’s amazing all the little memories that we have tucked away in our minds that seem to appear out of no where. We shed a few tears from laughing so hard and spilled a few tears of pain and sorrow as we talked about the rough times in each of our lives. My foot was killing me by bedtime, but oddly enough I had a good nights sleep. It felt good to be able to actually feel like I have connected with someone


ME said...

Want me bring you my crutches? I am not planning on using them any time soon...but you never know do you? Hope it is feeling better soon.

DM said...

lol, thanks I'll pass. I kind of like tolerating the pain since someone else who shall remain nameless can't handle an in-grown I might not be up for zumba, but this isn't going to keep me down!!!!

ME said...

Hey no way are u skipping out on zumba....I have a bum knee and always muddle my way thru it excuses lol

Mina said...

Sorry to hear about your tumble...maybe that is why they call them "slippers" I heard that ice helps the swelling if served with baileys lol. I hope that you are feeling better soon! hugs