Monday, March 29, 2010

A Mind-Set Change

I’m pretty much back to my normal self and feeling a lot better. I’m not sure if the mental and physical domains of my self combined, was what was making me feel so yucky, but I was going through the whoa is me attitude thinking that I wasn’t really important to anyone and no one really wanted me around. It felt like people didn’t want to include me in on anything making my hurt feelings ten folds bigger thus making my physical wellness suffer. If anything, I have learned that I have to conquer my own feelings and suck it up since complaining and whining won’t get me anywhere. There is no room for pity parties anymore since it does no good in the end except make me feel worse. Even if I stood up and said what had bothered me it wouldn’t do any good since there would be reasons and excuses and that in turn would just hamper my feelings of needing validation. So I’ll do the next best thing and tug up those big girl panties I always boost about and just continue on as usual. Now, onto a better topic.

Saturday was my day off and usually I use that day to do housework and laundry, but this Saturday I helped my son move into his apartment. I can only hope that he has finally lost the extra 230lbs called his ex-wife for good and has gotten back onto the right road again. Sunday was a regular shift for me but the day seemed to fly by. My Supervisor had left some work for me to do and even though it was a tedious task it made the hours fly by. Today I had the entire day off and to be honest I didn’t do a damn thing. I know the housework has been calling my name, but hey…my selective hearing seems to be starting to develop again. I’m sure all the pet hair, dust bunnies and the blanket of dust that seems to be attracted to every surface in the house will be there tomorrow. Oh well, time to curl up in my jammies with a glass of wine and enjoy a night of relaxation watching tv.