Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yucky last few days, but feeling better now

Sometimes I wonder how much the human body can take when it comes to being ill. The last few days I have felt like absolute shit. It started Thursday afternoon and today is the first day I have actually felt a wee bit human. Thursday night I had to drag myself to work but ended up spending the majority of my shift in the upstairs bathroom. Friday I spent all day on the couch fighting off the chills. Saturday was another day when I should have stayed home but was unable to due to work. It’s a good thing it was a short day and I was home by 2:00pm. I spent the rest of Saturday snuggled on the couch with a big thick blanket. I must have fallen asleep in the early evening because next thing I realize I am being awakened saying I had to get up for work. I looked at the clock and wow it was 7am. After a quick shower I was off to work to be greeted by a co-worker who does nothing but complain about how shitty her life is. Sometimes I just feeling like saying “shut the hell up”, but I keep my mouth closed, nod and smile and listen with one ear. Thank goodness the first group started to file in and I was able to concentrate on work. The morning hasn’t been too bad and was made even better by a smile and a coffee from one of the usual Sunday morning patrons. As I glance at the clock I see I only have a little over 3 hours to go. Then it’s home to change into some old sweats and my slippers and just relax since my next shift isn’t till Tuesday night! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!

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Mina said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather...hope you feel better real soon! hugs :)