Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh what a morning!

I’m not sure what is going on within this mind of mine but for the last few days I have not been with it. I’m losing track of my days as well as feeling like small pieces of my brain are shrivelling like a died up prune! Maybe it’s because my P.I.C covered for me on Tuesday night while I attended the first half of my First Aid course. I have been told that once you hit a certain age any change can screw you up big time and I now have to agree. Tonight I finish the last 4 hours of this damn course and as long as I remember SAMPLE……RICE….A.B.C and 2x30x5 I’ll be ok. I will be able to work out my frustrations on the dummy and chest compressions, so that will be an added bonus.

I do have to give myself a wee bit of credit after this morning. My P.I.C had to leave early due to an appointment, leaving me to end the last half hour of the program myself. When the program started at 9:15 this morning I was busy doing my famous improvised craft of the day. I wasn’t really paying attention to the little girl and her mother when they arrived. Little did I know that the mother had asked my P.I.C if it was ok if her daughter kept a few tiny toys with her for the morning? Of course it was ok and my P.I.C eased the mothers mind as well as made the little girl happy knowing she could have her favourite toys with her. Well to make a long story short. I had no idea these toys were with this child and when it came time to clean up and have the parents pick up their children those 3 tiny toys were no where to be found. The mother was upset as well as the little girl. The mother kept telling me how sad it is that her daughter’s toys were not going home with her. So me being me, I tore the bins apart with no luck. It was getting late so the mother had asked that we try to find them and then call her so she could come pick them up. I assured her we would and she walked out hand in hand with her daughter mumbling about how sad it was that her child’s favourite toys were gone. Hearing this I could not leave the building until I had found those so called cherished toys so I tore out all the toy bins that were placed out for the program and dumped them out on the floor. I had no idea what the toys looked like and we do have many small toys. Well my mind seemed to have kicked in and when I ran across 2 toys that just didn’t seem familiar to me I went running out to this mothers van to see if these were the M.I.A toys. Sure enough they were…BUT…there was one more that just HAD to complete the set. So back in a I ran, rummaged through the toys again praying that I would find it. Well low and behold I found it and with seconds to spare I made it back out to the van to hand over the toy to the mother. They drove off happy as sin as I walked back into the building muttering quietly to myself “if the toys are cherished so much then leave them home!”

Ok now I have ranted a bit I feel soooooooooooooooo much better!!!!

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ME said...

Gee can't leave you alone for 30 minutes, can i? lmao....poor PIC.