Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011 comes to an end....

Another ending and yet another beginning. The summer season isn’t officially over for a few weeks yet but you’d never know by the weather the last few days. Brrrrrrrrrr

This past weekend was a great one. The annual Fish Fry went off without a hitch even though Saturday was a scorcher. Fish, corn and salads a plenty everyone enjoyed the buffet style meal not to mention the desserts and cold drinks. I was a perfect angel with a tarnished halo but if one looked hard enough my horns were peeking out just a wee little bit. I could tell a few whispers were circulating within a small group of people about recent changes in my attitude towards life and I think the smile that stayed on my face the whole day confused more than a few people. You know what they say “Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to.”
Over the Labour Day weekend my dear friend came down from her Northern world to celebrate her sister’s birthday. During her time here in the South, we text messaged back and forth and giggled secretly about all sorts of things. It brought me back to the days of our yester-years when secrets were shared over the phone or whispered in each others ear. On Monday we got together and left the city just before 10am. It was cloudy and cool but the grey skies didn’t deter our adventure. It was off to Port Dover for a day of fun a small bit of shopping and of course the famous Arbour Dog, along with a Cherry Glow for her and a Peach Glow for me. We walked barefoot in the cool beach sand and had a laugh about the difference in colour from dark tan and almost pure white. We even braved a small “toe dipping” into Lake Erie and shivered as we watched a very few take on the cool nip of the air making their way into the chilly water. Before we ended our adventure we sat on the deck of the beach restaurant for a drink. We ordered a
pina colada and a margarita and we toasted to the end of summer and our long lasting friendship.

A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself...Jim Morrison

My Port Dover Butterfly Find!!

Feet of Friendship

Yes it takes 2 hands to manage 12"

Things are still in an upheaval on the work front, and even though a shift was taken away from me and given to someone else I’m still going to smile all the way through it. It was definitely unfair and if I had to hazard a guess it was so that the person who was given my shift would feel beholden to the new supervisor and become a program Instructor filling a spot where one needed to be filled. From what I gather it was not a smart move on the new Supervisors part since the person did not take the offered program Instructors position leaving her searching for someone else. Oh well, sucks to be her…lol. I’m sure there are going to be many many problems as the rental season begins and I will have great joy in sending all problems across to the “Big Desk” in the office. In the past we were given access to certain things in order to thwart any situation before it became a problem. We no longer have that access so I will be smiling that cheery smile of mine as I post note after note onto the “Big Desk”.

Things really DO happen for a reason!!!!

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