Thursday, January 19, 2012

Over the hills they go.........

Even though Old Man Winter made an appearance I bundled myself up and took Bentley for his walk. Well actually he took me for a walk, but that’s neither here nor there. I did wait until just before the dinner hour since to be honest I felt too lazy earlier in the day to be bothered. I took my normal route which took me by the golf course and wow did the memories come rushing into my cob webbed mind.

Once upon a time in the cold dark early evening hours a young girl (me) and some friends went to the neighbourhood golf course to do some tobogganing. This is going back more than a few decades ago but watching the children screaming with delight as they slid, turned, twirled and tumbled down the snow covered hills brought back many happy memories. As Bentley sniffed around I stood watching the children and as I shivered from the frigid cold I shook my head. Those children didn’t give 2 hoots how cold it was. Their laughter and screams of fun echoed through the early evening air. Oh to be young again! Not worrying about how cold your hands, feet or legs are, but instead ignoring the fact and having fun! Even the long tiring trek up the hills
didn’t seem to deter the children. With a smile on my face I made my way back home so that I could warm up with a hot chocolate and a nice neat shot of Baileys! What a delicious appetizer while waiting for dinner to finish cooking on a cold January evening. I guess there are a FEW benefits of being a grown up!

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Mina said...

I remember you and I used to go toboganning on those hills without snow pants...just our blue genes. When they got wet,they were cold! but we were "cool" lol