Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!

Wow where has the time gone? It seems like only a few short weeks ago I could be found sitting out on the deck catching some warm sun and now that said deck is covered in leaves! Thanksgiving (for Canadians) and Halloween have passed and now the stores are filled with the sights and sounds of Christmas and our city’s annual Christmas Parade is in 3 weeks! We have escaped the early snowfalls that have occurred in Ontario so for that I am thankful. This year has certainly been filled with its fair share of highs and lows. Unfortunately it’s been filled with more lows with the passing of more than a few family members. I will be glad when 2013 makes its exit and a new year begins.

A long time ago I posted a blog about being a grandmother………………….to 2 very cute but slobbery English bull dogs. Yes I am the proud grandmother to Ava and Toot (a name well chosen). With great pleasure and lots of excitement I can now say that those slobbery, snorting bundles of joy will have to share their domain with a baby. Yes, around the date of May 3rd I am going to be a real Nana!!!!!! I have to give my daughter much credit for the way she informed me of my impending Nana-hood, she really does have a very creative mind. A few weeks ago she and her soon to be hubby came into town for a dinner get together. During the dinner she produced 3 pictures. The first one was of her, her soon to be hubby and the 2 grand-doggies. Her and hubby were holding a sign saying “and then there was 3”. I smiled that polite smile and said “ oh joy you are getting another dog.” Neither said anything as I looked at the second picture. In this picture they were both holding a sign near her belly and it said coming Mayish 2014. I looked at the picture for a minute and then up at both of them with a puzzled look. I’ll be honest, the thought did cross my mind that she was pregnant, but that vanished pretty quickly since this is the daughter that said she did not want kids, but I was also grappling with the thought that it does NOT take that long for puppies to be born. The third and final picture was the one that brought tears to my eyes. It was of her and hubby hugging with her holding baby booties! I’m never one to be left speechless but I found myself not being able to say anything for what seemed like forever. Of course once I found my voice again I did nothing but cry and congratulate them both. So yes dear Blogging friends in the early part of May 2014…I am going to be a Nana! (Can you tell I am happy?????  J)


JoJo said...

That's so great! Congratulations! What a creative way to tell you too.

lotta joy said...

I'll never be a Nana, but I'm as slow as you are, so don't feel bad. My daughter pulled her car in a driveway and asked "What do you think?" as we sat there. I said "Your engine has a knock."

Of course she was showing me her new house, but I still didn't get it.