Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Happenings.....Merry Christmas

I know I am really getting bad at doing my blog but things just might change now I will have a bit more free time on my hands, or maybe not. I’m not sure what I got myself into but I will be working in the field of children again. It’s been a while since I sang the “Clean up song” but I still know it. I’m lucky it’s a very short song. I have taken on the job of Child care for my grand-daughter. Her mom ( my daughter ) has decided to enter the work force again, a bit sooner than what she planned. She had decided to take the full maternity leave her factory offers new moms and enjoy a full year off to bond and become “the best damn mother on the earth” as we all thought once upon a time. Well life doesn’t always work out the way you think it will and she was no exception. It turns out that she is pregnant again. My daughter along with millions of other women in today’s generation rely so much on the “bull pucky” that is written in the How to be the best mom ever books. Apparently she read that you can NOT get pregnant while breast feeding. The “fable” is that while a mother continues to produce milk her hormones also double up as a natural birth control thus making it safe to have date nights with their significate other. I tried to warn her that that was soooooooooooooooooooo not true, but I’m a mom of decades gone by and apparently things have changed. The books today are the Gospel according to whatever author has written it. Well my dear sweet daughter learned the hard way that what is written is NOT always the truth. I had to hold back giggles as she cursed herself for even picking up those books let alone believing EVERYTHING written in them was the truth. Well anyways it turns out ok for me since I get more time with my granddaughter and once the baby is born I will have more time with him/her since mom will definitely WANT to be at work once the house that was once two, became three and will soon be a house of four. Her last words on the baby issue were “she is NOT leaving the hospital this time without having a permanent fixture in place for herself and there is no romantic date night until her man has something permanent done as well. As she said, 2 permanent fixes is better than 1!

Here we are 4 days until Christmas. This year we are pretty much guaranteed a green Christmas and according to the weather station our temperature will be 10C that’s 50F for my American readers. I’m beginning to wonder if Canada is slowly becoming the New Age Tropics. I have no doubts that mid-January on we will be cursing the cold and snow, but it sure is different from the days when I was a kid. Climate change really is happening. This is the first year in a long time that I actually had fun fighting the crowds in the store as I shopped for a little one. I forgot how fun it was pressing all the buttons on toys and hearing the noises, songs and characters that come with the different play things. It’s now my turn to buy the noisy toys and send them home with my granddaughter giving mom and dad as much pleasure as we had while they were young kids!  I’m also pretty damn grateful that all my kids will be at the dinner table this year along with a dear friend. I think I’m just as excited as a kid this year, looking forward to the fun, laughter and love that will be at the dinner table this year.

I never did anything on my bucket list this year, but I did have a pretty good year filled with a few surprises and connected with a friend from way back. This year as in 2014 I did have time to look at myself as to where I am and where I am going. I learned not to expect change but to look forward to the future without any expectations after all I have always been a firm believer in the word Serendipity.

I want to wish all my blogger friends a wonderful and safe Christmas Holiday and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015.