Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A night of laughs.

Parents start you off on life
but friends get you through it.

Last night I had a great time. Two friends came over and throughout the night we shared lots of laughs and some strawberry daiquiris. We watched my oldest cat scooch across the living room floor and almost pee’d our pants laughing when the one friend exclaimed with excitement that he was doing the moon walk. There is nothing more embarrassing than having ones guests witness the butt scratching of your pet across the carpet, but the tears of laughter and our tightly crossed legs helped keep my flaming red face a well kept secret.

We made the beginning plans of our up and coming camping trip. My P.I.C has never experienced a NIGHT in the great outdoors so we are all looking forward to this over night camping trip. If she enjoys it as much as I think she will, we might plan a weekend camping trip next summer. Just think a group of women in the great outdoors. Sounds like a fun time to me!

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Anonymous said...

I had such a good time, thanks for the was the moon-dancing kitty and all the other creatures in your house...lots of laughs and yummy drinks....awesome