Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A New Addition

After many months of thinking and stewing over this thought of mine, I decided to go ahead and just throw caution to the wind. My children are all grown and have left the nest to embark on the wonderful thing we call life. Well at least 2 of my children have. The other one seems to have fallen down a manhole and Lordy just like any male he won’t ask for directions. Some have said that I am now beginning to suffer the so called “empty nest” syndrome and to those people I say…are you nuts!!!!!! I’m no longer a waitress, or a laundress. I’m no longer the short order cook and I finally have HOT water for my showers. I can take a bath and even add bubbles without the usual dozen or so knocks on the door asking when I’ll be done. I can blare my music full tilt while I listen to MY kind of music. I have even mastered the art of zumba dancing in the tub while the bubbles cover all my wobbly bits. Although I will admit the water that sloshes over the side of the tub is a pain in the arse to mop up afterwards. I never realized there were so many channels that are offered on cable. For years I have been subjected to the Much Music channel and all the drama that follows. I have seen diva after diva rise and fall and have witnessed some pretty bizarre behaviour from the young artistically inclined music culture of today’s world. So, does it sound like I’m suffering from the “empty nest” syndrome? I think not!

Anyway, back to my throwing caution to the wind idea. I have decided to expand a small part of my nest. Some people may call me crazy but everyone knows I have been suffering from that since my first child hit the teen years and 2 more times after that. (shakes my head to stop the voices inside from arguing). Ok, now where was I? Oh yes my new addition. I have just bought Bentley. Not A Bentley, but a 6 week old Golden Retriever. He’s a welcome addition to my little area of the nest.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwww look at those puppy eyes...(on the dog I mean) lol...