Friday, June 26, 2009

Mother Nature Strikes Back!

When it rains, it really does pour and as per usual, it’s not in a good way. Yesterday afternoon at around 1:00pm, the skies darkened, the wind began to really blow and a few thick and heavy rain drops spattered onto the ground. Within seconds the torrential downpour began. With the high winds and heavy rain it was virtually impossible to see down to the corner of my street. There were only a few rumbles of thunder as this storm swept through the area reminding us that Mother Nature was awake and not in a good mood.

The roadway drains were plugged giving the rising water no where to go except up onto the boulevards and flood peoples driveways. The majority of vehicles were slowly crawling down the street hoping their motors didn’t get wet and stall out on them, but there were some drivers who didn’t give a flying….err I mean who didn’t really pay much attention. I guess some adults just can’t resist the childhood impulse of splashing through puddles. I’ll admit that I love to do that as well, but there are times when those impulses need to be put on hold. As I said, the road was truly flooding and the water was rising fast. Homeowners including myself were trying desperately to keep the water away from our ground level window wells since the overflow from the road was finding any drainage anywhere it could. It’s really hard to picture unless you were able to see what was happening. Some drivers began to whip down the street causing actual waves and wakes to rush up peoples driveways and gathering inside the window wells causing some flooding in a few basements. There were a group of us standing in knee deep water on the side of the road pleading to the drivers to slow down so the water wouldn’t rush towards people’s homes. We were met with drivers cussing at us and giving us the finger while they laughed and gunned their vehicles. At times like this I’m so proud to live in a community with thoughtful and helpful people…….NOT!

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Anonymous said...

Well as much as I love driving through puddles, yesterday was just way to much to handle, the water was in part of the city so deep that no matter how slow you drove, the overspray was so bad, that you couldn't see a thing, so I always wonder what these people can do that I can't? Their vision must be so much better then mine....NOT...well there are always idiots in every situation as yesterday was proof of that once again.
Hope your damage wasn't too much in your basement.