Friday, June 12, 2009

Gonna slip off my shoes and run in bare feet!!!

Well the end of the school year session has just ended and if I’m to be honest with myself, I will miss going into work. I’ll miss the morning coffee and the before class gossip sessions, but I’ll be in constant contact with my P.I.C and our supervisor. Speaking of our Supervisor, I have a feeling she has now stepped over to join us on the dark side. After years of trying to crack jokes with her and having only a slight smile given in return, she now draws smiley faces on our notes and has begun to tell jokes herself. I was away on holidays last week and upon my return I wrote in the log book that I was back. I included a few joking words asking if I was missed and added a smiley face. She actually replied back in the log book that I WAS missed and not only added 3 exclamation marks but she drew a smiley face of her own! She still has her “ dah” moments but she has come along way.

It was hard to keep my emotions under control as the children were saying good-bye and the parents were thanking us for helping their child take their first steps into the world of education. There were hugs and hand shakes as well as major compliments on a job well done. It is nice to know that even though we are a small stepping stone for these children, the parents are truly grateful to us. My P.I.C and I received some very lovely thank you gifts including a very useful glass iced tea pitcher, which by the way will certainly double as a margarita pitcher!

Now that summer is upon us I’m trying to persuade my P.I.C into both of us rounding up a few girls, pull up our big girl princess panties and take a stab at outdoor living for a weekend. Hey who knows what can happen! My P.I.C has been taking more steps out of her comfort zone so it just “might” work. Stanger things have happened. And pssst P.I.C I really am serious about this!!!!

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I was afraid of that lol...( you being serious)...