Friday, May 22, 2009

"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

Ones imagination can be used in many ways. Some people, including myself, like to use our imagination with writing, and some people lose themselves in their artistic talent of drawing. But there is nothing that can be compared to the imagination of a child. During my years of working with children, I have encountered many imaginative minds and I’m always amazed at what little minds can accomplish. There is one child we have that has a very vivid and innocent quality to his imagination. At 4 years old his vocabulary is outstanding and could even put some adults to shame with words and sentences that seem to glide past his lips. Last week a group of children proclaimed my P.I.C. to be the super hero “Wonder Woman”. Today I was proclaimed to be “Super Girl”. I couldn’t help but chuckle since I haven’t been called a girl in many decades. I asked this particular child what my super powers were and with a very serious face he said; “You have the powers of the sun. You can shine down on everyone and keep the evil spirits and ghosts away from the Island.” Now to me, that’s a very big honour since I have been entrusted with keeping everyone safe. I then asked him what costume “Super Girl” wears. He was dead serious as he thought for a moment and then stated that “Super Girl” wears a blue and white striped shirt, blue coloured jeans, a watch and ear rings. Ironically that was the exact outfit that I was wearing. It really fascinated me how this child used some reality mixed in with his imagination to create such a wonderful childhood scenario.

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ME said...

Well he is one in a million!That is for sure!