Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bodily harm or just Bottled up!

Spring is now in full bloom thanks to all the rain we have gotten. The usual flood warnings are being issued and the lawns are now covered in dandelions. I do have to admit that even though we have certainly received our fair share of rain, it is wonderful to feel the warm sun on my face as well as look out the window and see GREEN! Tulips, daffodils and crocuses are taking center stage along side the nesting birds. My yearly friends are back and are busy constructing their temporary home in the upper left hand corner of my front porch. Soon that corner will be filled with the sounds of hungry youngsters and not to long after that my yearly friends and their offspring will embark on a new and exciting life.

Now I will push Mother Nature gently aside, inhale deeply, clench my hands into fists and then slowly let my breath out before I type the very next word


Ok, that felt a wee bit better. Looks around and smiles. Please excuse that outburst and I did try to contain my wording by not typing swear words, although if there was one phrase that I would want to use it would be “what the %^&* is their problem?????
Recently I have been witness to as well as being the recipient of someone’s unbalanced, unhinged emotional behaviour. This person has lied about me, talked about me behind my back, did some really petty and whacked out things at the work place in order for me to be blamed, and those are only a few examples of what’s been going on. Luckily my supervisor has not taken anything this person has said or done seriously, but that doesn’t stop the anger and resentment that has started to boil inside me. Now I know this person has been having their own issues and finding it hard to cope with the changes that have occurred, but hells bells, don’t blame me. I have hiked up my big girl panties so high that I’m walking around with a virtual wedgy. People have tried talking to this person but to no avail. This person just seems to put on the whoa is me face and expect everyone to surrender, smile and let this persons behaviour slide. Well not any more. At least not from me. We all have our own personal drama to contend with and life is not easy for anyone. If we all brought our personal life to work each and every day it would not be called the “work” place any more!

To this person all I can say is this………………………..Credo che il suo momento di andare in pensione!!!!!!!!

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