Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me, Me and Me

Lately I have been feeling a bit out of sorts. I’m not sure what it’s all about or what brought it on, but it does kind of suck. It’s not that I’m drowning in silent tears or that I want to isolate myself, it’s just a blah feeling. I tried in so many ways to keep this feeling under control, but to no avail. Joking around and trying to pretend that all is wonderful in my little corner of reality didn’t make a difference. Wednesday night after my weekly zumba fitness class I was literally exhausted both mentally and physically and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to take much more so instead of continuing to wallow in my own what ever the hell it is that I’m wallowing in, I decided to have a “me” day.

My “me” day consisted on doing absolutely nothing. The weather wasn’t the greatest and it was windy as hell, but the sun was shinning. I sat outside for awhile and let the wind blow off as much emotional discharge as possible. I then soaked in the tub with my music blasting. After I relaxed for a bit more I decided on the spur of the moment to treat myself to something I’ve always wanted to do but never did. It sure felt good taking time for me and just concentrating on me, myself and I.

It’s amazing how just treating one’s self to a “me” day can make you feel good again!!

“to touch the silence deep within your mind can sometimes be lonely, yet soothing and powerful” …..Douglas Novack

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Mina said...

Nothing wrong with "Me" time. I love your description of allowing the wind to blow off the emotional discharge. My Gradmother used to say "go outside to blow the stink off" lol