Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Days of Summer 2010

Steps up the rickety stairs to the door of my blog. Lordy it’s been ages since I was up here. Oh well, hopefully I was missed, or I should say my insane blogging was missed. Well let’s see…pulls up a dusty old chair and cleans the cobwebs away so my eyes can actually see what my fingers are telling you as they glide along the keys of my keyboard (and stop laughing at what I’m typing. I haven’t even got to a laughing part……….yet!)
Anywhoooo, I feel like I should be lying on a couch in my shrinks office since I’m going to blabbering away for a while, so go make a tea… coffee or depending on your choice of drink (mine is a margarita) sit back and read the insane ravings of D.M’s summer thus far.

Ok, stepping back to the beginning of summer I really didn’t do too much except laze around watching T.V during the day. It’s really easy to become a couch potato given the right frame of mind and honestly my mind has been on hold for a long time now. The only thing missing from this couch potato scenario is the chocolate bon-bon’s. Oh yes I forgot. I did receive a small box of chocolates on the last day of the programs, but I ate em all up that day. Yep that’s right I did. One must never have chocolate around when one is watching T.V because they will never last. So to make sure I would not get into the habit of needing the said sweets I ate them when I got home from work. There that problem was solved. I really am good at problem solving when I need to be. So to end this section of my summer, June passed by in a rather un-eventful way.

Now stepping up a bit, the month of July held a few funtastic things. The first being the Canada Day bash in the back yard, but I already posted about that so no use in tiring my fingers telling you about it again. The next event was the Out-laws family reunion. Oh good lord, that was NOT fun. I hiked up my big girl panties so high I walked around with a weggy for the entire day. It was the most uncomfortable butt wiggling thing I had to do. And yes, I am talking about my weggy as well as attending this event. They have this thing every year and it never changes. (be right back I need another margarita….cue the theme from Jeopardy while I go make one)
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ok I’m back. Now where was I? Oh yes the reunion from hell…err I mean the other halves family event. The nightmare began when I woke up on the day of this event. I swear Mother Nature did it on purpose. By that I mean she made the day so frigging hot that it actually did feel like I was in the deep bowels of hell (temperature wise). Anyway, like the nice person I am, off we went to this non-blessed event. We did arrive a wee bit on the late side (accidentally on purpose) but hey that was all good because apparently we missed the first part of the usual drama. It turned out that someone was left off the guest list (I could only be so lucky!) once again, but came anyway. This didn’t go off to well when the said person and his spouse arrived. They were not sent away but we were told it was like the parting of the Red Sea as they walked into the back yard. I’m not sure how this couple rates when crowds part for their arrival. Hell I just get the silent treatment. If the Out-laws ever part for me I have it all planned out. I will surely walk through the crowd doing the Queen’s wave! I really must talk to this couple and find out what they did to have such an honour bestowed upon them. Aside from literally melting from the heat, the day dragged by ever so slowly. I got the usual silent treatment, a few quirked eyebrows when I did speak and even received a fake smile from dear old mom in law, bless her heart! Oh the joy I am feeling as I look forward to next years reunion (time for another margarita….cues the theme from Jeopardy again)
The next major even was my side of the family’s annual barbeque. We stopped calling it a Family Reunion a few years back since my family has grown smaller over the past decade. Anyway this year my cousins from the States were able to attend. As usual Mother Nature tried to rain on my parade and she did succeed with a day full of major downpours, but I was not going to let that stop me from having a good time. Yes I had to squish about 45 people into my house, but it turned out ok. Even my other half enjoyed the day(which by the way he bitched about for weeks prior to the event). My Aunt and Uncle from Sharbot Lake even surprised us by knocking on the door. Now my Uncle well, he’s a story all on his own and made us all laugh by memories of our past. You see, Uncle Jim was born with an eye affliction. He’s not really cross-eye’d but his pupils wiggle back and forth constantly. As children this freaked the majority of us kids out. When Uncle Jim is looking at you, you never know since his eyes move constantly. He purposely did things to each and every one of his nieces and nephews just to freak us out. By the end of the day we all had a turn at Uncle Jims glances. The house finally emptied around mid-night and I stayed up talking with my cousins (who spent the night) till about 2am. We all were a bit groggy and hung over the next morning, but managed to go for breakfast at Cora’s a Family Breakfast/Brunch Restaurant. After we finished my cousins took the exit to the highway and headed home. I spent the day cleaning up and then fell into bed at around 8pm that night.

Stepping into this month (August) the final event I will write about on this blog is our camping excursion. Well damn it was fun. I wasn’t sure if this ole body was going to be able to withstand sleeping in a tent for 2 night’s but I did it! We went to Pinehurst Conservation Area campground with good friends of ours and even before the sun set we were in stitches. Our friends had not used their tent in 10 yrs and omg they forgot how to set the damn thing up. Even my other half pitched in trying to erect the thing but to no avail. That led to a quick run to Crappy Tire in Paris to purchase a cheap tent. By 10pm we had the campsite all set up and were finally able to relax with a few beers and coolers. Mother nature again tried to ruin my fun by sending the temperature down to a very chilly 10 Celsius. Little does Mother nature know that when one has consumed “some” alcoholic beverages the cold does not affect you. So haha Mother Nature…no brownie points for you this time! The guys spent their time out fishing and catching up on old times while us women sat at the campsite reading, laughing and getting to know each other better. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Old memories were renewed, new memories were made and we all promised to do it again next year.

My next posting will be about an event that I am sure will make history as well as a few sore bottoms…….stay tuned for the next chapter……….smiles all sweet like thinking about my P.I.C


Tina said...

Great that you had such good time on the camping trip, sure loved the pictures you posted on Facebook. Looks like a great time all for the upcoming event.....I have a bad feeling about it....for me at guys have fun....;)

DM said...

nooooooooo are matter what!!!!