Monday, August 16, 2010

One more crossed off.........

Humid air, clouds and sun, the smell of a stable, the whinny of horses and the old song “Raw Hide” playing over an outside speaker greeted us as we pulled into the riding stable. There were 4 of us on this excursion and all of us had excitement in our eyes. Well except for one who’s face was filled with panic at the mere thought of what she was about to do. She knew she could back out, but deep inside she knew this was something she wanted and needed to do for her own sake, so she pulled up her “big girl panties, sucked it up like a princess” and signed the papers that needed to be signed.

It was time for the horses to be led out into the mounting area and with more courage than I have seen in my P.I.C she was the first one to enter and was the first one that mounted her horse! Kudos to you P.I.C. since I know what courage that must have taken.
It took a bit of time for all of us to be introduced to our horsey companions and then after that our guide Bob led the way down the trail. It was down a stony hill and across a vey small creek, up over a grassy meadow, through a beautiful forested area and across another meadow before slowly making our way back to the stables. I have never felt so peaceful and serene as I did on the back of my horse Rosy. She did all the work; I just had to guide her every so often to stay on the trail. I can honestly see how the love of horses can happen so easily.

We did make tentative plans for a ride in the fall. That trail will be absolutely amazing when the leaves change colours. After the ride it was off to have a bite to eat at Boston Pizza since we had all worked up a huge appetite. It really was an amazing day spent with some wonderful friends. Life is great when you don’t worry about the little irritating bumps along the way!


Tina said...

It was awesome! So much fun and I want to do it again and again and again....

DM said... too...i'm thinking your bottom isn't hurting anymore???

Anonymous said...

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