Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching Up

Not too much has happened over the last little while. Things have been on an even keel, or as even as they can be for me. There has been a bit of tension, a bit of trouble and a bit of heartache but over all things have been good. Christmas came and went along with the beginning of a New Year. 2010 brought with it some learning experiences, some lesson in strength and dignity. I’ve had to face a few things that really hurt and still move forward. I’m hoping 2011 will be the year that opens a few doors and closes others. I have celebrated a few pity parties of my own and on my own. It’s nice to wallow in your pity with a friendly shoulder but I’ll be honest and say when I need one there is none to be found. The voices are there, but the actual caring or lack of it can be readily read in their actions. But that’s neither here nor their. I am a survivor as they say.

Well January is coming to a close and throughout the month I have been kept busy working during the evenings and weekends. The preschool programs are not going that well since times have become tough for everyone everywhere. We are only running one class on one day and that’s ok since I’m really thinking twice about this particular job. I did have a rather deep conversation with one Supervisor regarding the programs. She is on the same page as a few of us putting an end to an era of Preschool Programs. With cutbacks and lack of interest from the ones higher up it seems like this may be more of a reality as each month passes. I for one would not be to upset if this happened. I do really enjoy my supervising job. As my now semi retired Supervisor said “I have a good rapport with all the teams I deal with” and they do add a bit of spice and laughter to an otherwise dull and boring night or weekend. Remember the quote “Variety's the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour.”

Last night before going to work I stopped by my Supervisors Retirement Open House. I have to admit it was good seeing people from my earlier days. It was even good to see my old Supervisor. He certainly got dealt a shitty hand from his superiors, but with grace and dignity he stood amongst a group of us while saying a private good bye/good luck to one who worked by his side for many years before he was forced out. Because of the stress and all he went through, he has lost a major amount of weight. He did tell me he’s working on losing more but in a more healthier way. I wished him all the best because deep down even though he was a tough no nonsense supervisor; he is a really nice guy. My Supervisor worked fairly closely with a group of seniors who have their weekly meetings at the Center and there is one senior that makes me laugh. For years she was the grumpiest old lady you could ever meet and then a major illness brought her down. She ended up making a full recovery and thank heavens came back with a more friendly attitude. Now, whenever I supervise a rental where people are not familiar with me I always wear my name tag. For all who know me I have one of the easiest names to say. “Dawn” It is one syllable and only four letters long. I’m not sure why and even though I am wearing my name tag which is always visible, this senior insists on calling me Donna. Well she did this last night at the Open House and I was met with some questioning looks. All I could do was smile as she walked away and say to those looking at me “Don’t ask”. God bless you Pearl, you really are a gem!

Well this is my Saturday off and I am certainly looking forward to it. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. I just might stay in my pj’s and loaf around the house all day. I’m just not sure. I have to work all day Sunday so I guess I can spoil myself on my day off! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and remember…”There aren't enough days in the weekend.”

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