Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's BEGINNING to feel a alot like Christmas

I was going to blog about my parents and how much I have been missing them both, but I have read a few blogs where friends are missing their loved ones, and well, it brings tears to my eyes. So instead of writing about how much I miss them I will dedicate this blog to both of them.

I’m slowly getting into the Christmas mode. Yep that’s right, I said slowly. I used to cuss myself for waiting so long to get things done and then having to rush to do things. In all honesty, and my friends can vouch for me on this, I do my best thinking and am able to get things done so much better when I do things on the spur of the moment. This year it’s going to be a wee different than our so called “traditional” Christmas. This year our Christmas Dinner will be held on Boxing Day. All the kids have moved on to start their own lives and over the years I have been spoiled by having Christmas with my kids all to myself. Well this year things are changing and I’m ok with it. All the kids have announced that this Christmas Day dinner will be spent with their significant other’s parents. I knew it would happen one day and I was prepared for it. So changing my schedule a bit and giving up earning overtime pay to work on Boxing day I will be setting the table for the usually feast with the kids and their other halves. It’ll be a bit different for sure but hey, life is too short to not accept changes to routines every now and then.

This weekend if all goes the way it’s supposed to. I will be shampooing my carpets to get ready for the holiday season. I have a short work day on Saturday which makes things a lot easier, since Sundays workday is a long one. The following weekend we will be setting up the Christmas tree and putting out the holiday décor. I have no doubt that Bentley will be in his glory and will be straining at the bit in order to explore the newest addition to the living room and then do the “doggy snatch and run”. I can already picture a few more of the decorations that I was able to pry from his jaws last year, being consumed while in flight from his capture.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and I hope your weekend will be filled with fun and excitement.

Phyllis Muriel Josephine(Smith)Dawes…May 30th 1938 – November 24th 1987
William Albert Morris Dawes ….January 27th 1934 – August 9th 2009

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Mina said...

What a lovely picture of your parents. The first Christmas I spent without my children, was hard. However, a wise man said to me..."it's just a date on the calendar" We can celebrate Christmas with our families on any day and it will be just as special. And if not...they will always be in our hearts.

It was wonderful to see you again my friend.