Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mindless Chatter

Well I was certainly questioned in a round about way in regards to my previous blog. It was nothing to serious but it WAS something I had to get off my chest. I am tired of following the so called way and telling people straight out how I feel, because it does no good. The ones that I am aiming my so called daggers at seem to always look for a reason why I feel as I do. They don’t acknowledge that they could be the one that hurt me, instead they turn around and say wow, you really are P.M.S’ing and then laugh it off. So I keep my mouth shut, smile my purrrrrty smile and then rant and rave through my typing up a blog. It works for me and that’s all that counts. Anyway I feel a whole lot better and even though my eyes had bolts of erratic sparks flying from them on Sunday as I ranted and raved, one of the usual hockey players said I smelled nice. I can laugh now, but the poor guy was terrified to come in and pay me…lol

Tuesday night was rather a fun night at work. Even though my P.I.C and I were not really in the Christmas spirit, we got to work setting up the Centers Christmas Tree. I tried like heck to download a Christmas music cd in time but well, I had to bring 2 cd’s that were not to the liking of a certain Partner In Crime. I can’t get pissy though because she did pick up the hint hint of bringing coffee. We gossiped, giggled and chatted as well as passed a few whispers as the Center began to fill with patrons. There was one older gentleman that grunted like the Grinch when he saw our project in action, and teased about how he didn’t like what we were doing, but in the end, he compliment my skills in decorating and winked while giving a growl about still not liking Christmas. In all honesty the night passed quickly for a change. I just wished all my late nights would go by that fast.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I know I am, since I am done making change for a while!!!!!!!

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Mina said...

Nice job with the Centre's tree, but I remember it as being more Charlie Brownish than this one. Could it be that the city splurged for a new one? lol