Sunday, November 14, 2010

PMS or things that needed to be choose

Steps up onto the podium of self indulgent rantings about anything and everything. Looks out over the calm colourful pages of my blog. Every so often I decide that I need a good self indulgent pity party and since this is my weekend to work and very long hours at that, I have to hike up those big girl panties so far that I have a wedgie! Instead of letting loose and having my tongue work over time, I have to write my rantings down. Good grief, when the mind is thinking faster than the fingers one sure does make a lot of typos. Thank goodness for spell check. Taking a deep breath I begin to feel the different letters starting to form words and the huge bust of air that spills the words from my mouth like a flooding river. Over the last little while I have had to bite my tongue to keep sarcastic comments from spewing past my lips. Oh lord how I want to just go off on a rant and not care what I say or who gets hurt. I am tired of always being the one to be over looked. I’m tired of people saying just ask and when I do nothing ever comes out of it. I’m tired of having to ask if I can tag along with others, having them say sure and then not informing me that they have gone and did the exact thing that I was hoping to be included in. Hells bells if you don’t want me to tag along just tell me up front. Don’t lead me on thinking that I will be included and then just sneak away. I’m tired of other people whining and bitching about anything and everything they can just so people will notice them.

Inhales deeply…wow, that really felt good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now I had that bit of time to let loose, I feel like smiling again. Friday night I was able to get out and buy a few newer more modern decorations for the centers Christmas tree. On Tuesday night my P.I.C and I will be setting it up and decorating it. I am in the process of making a new Christmas music cd so that we can hopefully bring the spirit of Christmas to the center as well as into our own hearts as we go about decorating, drinking coffee (hint hint) and doing the usual gossip…that’s work gossip…geeee…do you really think we would gossip about anything else?????. I’m sure that will make Tuesday night fly by. A few days ago I spent a bit of time talking to an old friend. We reminisced about old times and even had a tear or two thinking about the past. Then last night after I got home from work and was relaxing on the couch I was talking with a friend that has been in my life a short time, but have made our own memories of things we had done recently. A while ago I made a comment to someone that I have many friends, but less than a handful of friends that I can say actually have a place deep in my heart. Those friends deep in my heart will always be there. I know that no matter what I can turn to them and they know they can turn to me when the chips have fallen. I guess since the big one is fast approaching I have begun to take a look at where I have been, and where I am going. I haven’t done anything on my bucket list recently, but come the New Year I intend to attack it full force.

The weekend hasn’t really been too bad thus far. I worked all day yesterday, and will be working all day today as well. It does make for a very long weekend having the hours drag but, but hey, that’s life. I can’t complain since I am getting the hours. Like I said in a previous blog, I won’t start bitching and complaining until the snow flies and the bitter winter is in full swing. Yesterday the center was pretty busy with the different rentals as it will be today. The weather is really dull and damp, but at least the temperature is rather mild. As of right now I am sitting in the office, looking out the window, the radio is on and Phil Collins is crooning out “In the air tonight”. I can’t help but think back to an excursion I did on my own a little over a year ago. It’s funny how one song can make a whole web of memories flood back into your mind out of the blue. I guess that’s just the mystery of ones mind. Anyway, onto a new week filled with, well, hopefully only good things!

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Mina said...

Hope your week is good and the sunshine peeks through those clouds. Your friendship will always have a deep place in my heart. Big hugs