Monday, October 17, 2011

Man versus Woman

For as far back as there has been both men and women walking upon this land, an argument has been going on about what sex is the strongest. I’m not going to dig too far into this subject since we all know who will come out as the stronger sex. I will only go so far as to say….I am WOMAN..hear me roar.

This conflict has seeped into the unfinished walls of my home where the other half of my marital contract walks around as though the Grim Reaper is his shadow awaiting the impending doom of his ailment. His ailment; nasopharyngitis also known as the common cold. It is true that this particular cold whooped both our arses since I was lucky enough to share this wonderful event with the other half. It is true that when ever I wasn’t working, cooking dinner, cleaning, doing laundry or taking the dog out for his exercise, I was bundled up under big fluffy blankets with hot tea and honey. My bundled up body was hidden behind mountains of Kleenex as I quietly snuck in a few extra minutes of recuperation time. It took a little over 7 days before my rashed nose, watery eyes and constant cough began to subside but it did and without any sympathetic gestures from the other half I may add. Now, as for the other half who just so happens to be a man, instead of roars I seem to be hearing nothing but sad soulful whines with every tiny movement his “manly” body takes. I find it rather entertaining that men claim to be the stronger of the sex’s and boast about what they can bench-press or how far and how hard they can throw a punch. Yet when the common cold penetrates their masculine form they morph into an entity that does nothing but whimper, whine and complain about how sick they feel…..Guess there is no debate on who wins this issue!!!!!!

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LilOne86 said...

we all know who is the winner here!