Saturday, November 12, 2011

What gift have you received in life that is most precious?

I was recently asked this question and of course I said that all the gifts I have received have been precious in one way or another. A gift is usually given out of love and caring therefore making it a very special and precious thing to receive, but if you really think about it, there is usually one gift that you have been given that stands out in your mind. This is not about the gifts we receive from our children, as those gifts are in a special bundle For me it was a simple hand written card given to me 32 years ago. This card was given to me a few days before I got married from a very special man in my life. He was much older than I was but he stole my heart and still has it to this day even though he has passed away. He was a father figure during my teens and up until the day I got married. He gave me advice, helped me through some rough times and I knew he was there for me if and when I needed him. My teen years were more than difficult to say the least, but if it wasn’t for this man I’m sure I would have traveled a very different path probably leading to self destruction of some form. During my marriage, life happened, and as I grew and embarked on my own path, I lost contact with this person. When I was asked the question, and after I had answered, my mind went to a small wooden trunk in my bedroom. Inside this wooden trunk are things that I could never part with. It’s who I am inside and out. Inside this trunk lays the card that was given to me 32 years ago. This simple hand written card was given to me by a very precious person making it one of the most treasured gifts I have ever been given.

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Mina said...

What a sweet tribute to a very special man that continues to be such a big part of our lives. It was such a special gift for me to wake up this morning and not only read your blog, but to view Dad's hand writing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift in your life. ♥