Thursday, December 8, 2011

Surprises come in all forms

Not too many things make me speechless but one incident in particular has my jaw dropping with no words spilling from my mouth. 2011 was not a very good year for me. I learned some pretty hurtful lessons in all facets of my life (work and home). I had to “hike up my big girl panties” do the “suck it up princess” and cry alone on more than one occasion, but through all that I grew into a stronger form of myself and I am better for it. But my pity parties are a thing of the past now. I have begun to cut out a new niche in my little corner of the world and things seem to be falling into place. I have renewed an old friendship and now I feel the arms of a true friend helping me along the way. I have a feeling 2012 will be totally different for me and I’m going to enjoy the different roads that will appear before me.

Okay, now on to the surprise that has made my jaw drop and stopped the words from falling out. Last week I had the uncomfortable pleasure of arriving to work and finding my Supervisor still sitting behind her big desk. It was going on for 6:30pm and she was still there. Apparently she had a meeting in town and didn’t want to drive all the way home and then come back into town so she was doing odds and ends in the office to kill some time. Anyway we got talking and birthdays were mentioned. Hers was coming up on the Sunday and mine was a few days later on the following Tuesday. We did have a few laughs about our ages and thanks goodness she is a few years older than me! Anyway even though it began as uncomfortable I began to relax. I’ll never let my guard down though because I have been told many things about her and did experience a rather pissy moment with her a few months back. Anyway within the hour she did leave the center leaving me to do the tasks at hand that was left on our small corner desk. I never thought much about it until Tuesday afternoon (my Birthday) when I logged on and started checking my different email accounts. I always check my work email last so when I logged in low and behold there was a card for me from her. Maybe now you’ll understand WHY my jaw dropped and the usual rantings that spew from my mouth were no where to be heard. All I can manage to say is wow!

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Mina said...

It's nice when a person behind a desk shows human compassion. I think we forget that despite their sometimes management type attitudes, inside they are just like you and I. You are a wonderful, friendly person and your energy will affect others.