Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Tidbit Tuesday

We are now into the second week of a brand new year. Did anyone make any New Year’s Resolutions? Since I’m not really that disciplined on sticking to resolutions, I decided not to make any. It seems that every year I resolve to do something, but for some reason I never stick to it making me feel guilty. Whether it be something easy, something healthy or something fun somehow, some way I never succeed. This way, by not making any resolutions, I can’t disappoint myself by not sticking to it. There are many things I want to do during the coming months but I’m going to take things day by day since time seems to race by. As of today there is only 71 days until spring and yes I am already looking forward to that day. I know winter has barely begun, but hey, no harm in having a day to look forward to! For the entire year of 2013 I’m trying to make at least one day out of each month to be a day filled with plain old fun. For January 19th there is a reunion planned for my public school. I’ve been part of that group now for a while and it was decided that we should gather as many of our public school friends as possible and have a reunion. So far it looks like a major event and I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun. I’m certainly looking forward to it! I won’t be off work while the dinner is going on, but right after work I’ll be heading to the Best Western Inn to partake in the mingling and social part of it. I have had a small peek at some of the old school photos and good grief I certainly did not have a sense of style back then. In one class picture I have my hair parted on the side with a horrible sweep-over and wearing a bright yellow dress with knee socks and huge brown shoes! Now bear in mind when I was a child my hair was a bright strawberry blonde, and my skin was almost ghost white! I’m wondering where my mother was that she would allow me to step out of the house like that…on school picture day!!!!!
Well it did happen, the entire staff of where I now work had their picture taken and yes it was published in the Winter 2013 Coupon Clipper. I really am glad it is in black and white and doesn’t show up that well…lol since I really do detest my picture being taken. I work with a wonderful group of people whose work ethics are top notch and will not tolerate any form of mistreatment. My boss is easy to please and always smiling which in turn makes the entire staff smile right back. It’s certainly a joy to walk through those doors! It really is true that when one door closes another door opens leading to bigger and better things.
 I did something called a cleansing of the soul with the help of a very smart and caring woman and it’s amazing how the fog lifts and you can actually see that brass ring getting closer. I’m pretty proud of myself that I have done this and you know it really does bring back the youth inside of you. In fact, the last snow storm we had just after Christmas I put on my coat, toque (a Canadian winter hat) and mittens, went out into the back and made a snow angel! I haven’t done that since the kids were little. Here I was all alone except for Bentley who looked on with a tilted head and wagging tail trying to figure out what I was doing. I knew no one would believe me so after carefully and with a weeeeeeeeeee bit of difficulty got up out of the snow, I raced inside to grab the camera and took a picture. I was given a scrapbook kit for my birthday from a very dear friend and that picture will definitely be in there!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new beginning to a brand new year…until next time……..May this new year, bring many sweet memories and peaceful times.


JoJo said...

So far 2013 has gotten off to a really bad start for me and a lot of my friends/family. :( I'm hoping that things pick up from here. No resolutions either.

Dawn Marie said...

aw...so sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets better for all of you!