Monday, May 13, 2013

Do YOU believe???????

The Challenge has been over for a few weeks now and although I did have fun, this break gave me the chance to catch up on things I had fallen behind on. I must say that I gained a few more followers and I myself have started following other blogs. I’m actually looking forward to next year’s Challenge already!
The other night I was chatting with a dear friend on Facebook and after catching up on the tidbits and gossip we got into a rather weird discussion. Now I may find myself way out on a limb here and others may scoff at what I’m going to say but I do believe in ghosts and spirits. I actually admitted that a few posts back when telling a few facts about myself. Anyway, my friend had told me about certain things that have been happening in her house which in turn gave me the hebee jeebies (slang word I know). She had told me that on more than a few occasions she has heard footsteps on her stairs and once even heard something crash onto the floor in her kitchen while she was upstairs in bed. Since her hubby was away and after gaining the courage she went down stairs to see what had happened. It turned out that there was nothing amiss and nothing could be seen on the kitchen floor. Others have heard unexplained noises and things while staying at their house and apparently one time a single key on her piano was pressed allowing her to hear the sound while she was upstairs. Now if that was me….. hells bells I’d be getting my arse out of that house!!!!!
 It sounds weird but I have had an encounter with a spirit but it was all good I think; well according to Sylvia Brown the renowned Spiritualist (who is having a bout of bad publicity concerning a much publicized case at the moment). Anyway…… I’m not talking about the chain rattling ghosts flying through the air covered in a white sheet causing mischievous fun such as Casper. I’m talking about actually seeing a spirit and interacting with it to a point. It happened one night many years ago just after my mother had passed away.
I’m not sure what had awakened me but something did. The other half was sound asleep beside me and the kids were tucked in their beds all safe and sound. I had sat up in bed listening to make sure the house was still secured and just as I started to lay back down a movement caught my eye just outside the bedroom door. Our bedroom was right at the top of the stairs and what I saw next is still hard to comprehend. My mother dressed in the last outfit I had seen her wearing when she was alive was walking up the stairs. To say I was scared s***less is putting it mildly. Mom stood at the stop of the stairs, looked at me, smiled and then continued down the hall to the kid’s room. I was panicked and my mother mode kicked in, I got up and followed. She went into each of the kid’s rooms, placed a kiss on their foreheads and then walked passed me and started down the stairs. Before disappearing she looked at me again, blew me a kiss and then left. I felt a warmth inside me that is hard to explain. I know it sounds weird and a wee bit off the wall but I swear it happened.  It was many years later that I even admitted that it had happened and with the help of a friend and some research I came upon an article that Sylvia Brown had written explaining many different aspects and reason we have spirit encounters. According to her article what happened with me was a way for my mother to assure me she was fine and wanted to let me know she would always be close. I have never seen her since, but now my father has passed I really do feel his presence when I need it the most. Sometimes I can even hear him whispering Dawn Marie in that exasperating way he had when he was chastising me.


JoJo said...

Oh I absolutely believe in spirits or ghosts. My childhood home had some issues; nothing major and I experienced more of it when I was a child more than as a teenager or now. My dad didn't believe in ghosts at all but teased me that it was 'Willie Jones', who was the original owner & built it in the 1880s. But my experience was that it was a younger person, a teenage boy maybe. Many years later I found out that Willie's son Chester's bedroom was now mine.

Mina said...

I think that many people do not see spirits because they are not open to it. They miss strange noises or occurrences and pass them off as nothing. What a wonderful experience you had with your Mother.

LilOne86 said...

Its amazing on what we can hear and see if we learn to have a open mind. This story has inpired me in so many ways.
Im glad that you were able to find peace with the loved ones who you hold dear to your heart.
I must admit it would be very creepy to have an encounter but at the same time, I would like to have some peace of mind aswell.
I have lost someone who was dear to me a few years ago and I wish I was able to have him appear in some way of any kind. I can smell my grandfathher every now and then, which makes be believe he is very close to me, watching over to make sure Im ok from time to time. I like to thank you for sharing your stories.