Saturday, November 14, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire............

Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.

This saying has been around longer then I can remember, but it sure rings true. I think I can safely say that we are all guilty in the telling of lies for different reasons throughout our lives. If you’re gasping and looking all shocked and stuff well damn it, you’re lying right now to yourself. I guess I could open up a whole debate on when, where, how and why a person might decide to lie, but that debate usually ends up making people get all pissy with others causing a blogging word war and to be honest, that war has been done too many times to be even the least bit entertaining. This blog IS centered around the art of lying and I do mean art since it takes a skilled person to carry out the lies and on top of it all have people believe those lies.

Recently I have witnessed a person start a lie and because there would be major consequences has let this lie snowball into a big blob of slimy green bull sh**.
(Queue a short clip of Steve McQueen’s horrified face as the blob begins to consume everything in sight).
This person chose to start this lie and before they knew what happened it had grown into a whopper of a tale. I was skeptical at first but said nothing until this persons lie started to include others and the events that had occurred causing this person to lie began to change. In all honesty this person’s story changed every time someone spoke with them. I have no idea how this person was able to keep their story straight when they were questioned by a higher authority but they did. It all came out to their advantage and they came out smelling like a rose, at least for the time being. There is also another saying that usually rings true and that is “what goes around comes around”. This person may not realize just what the blob of a lie has done to them in the long run, but I’m sure they will get what they so richly deserve in the end. And on the ending of this blog entry I can take a deep breath and sigh happily because I was not involved in this at all. Oh dear, on second thought I’m usually blamed for everything so if you don’t hear from me then fear the worst. I have had to slip into the Witness Protection Program, my new name will be “pssst, hey you” and if by chance a sneaker has turned up floating in the river, I wear a size 6. Please contact my P.I.C so she can identify it. Right now I am looking over my shoulder because I feel Tony Soprano like eyes on me. Damn those Italian type mobsters!

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