Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Day after Turkey Day

What wonderful weather we had this year for Thanksgiving. The temperatures were a bit above normal and the sun was shinning. I couldn’t ask for a better fall Sunday to have the big feast. All turned out well and everyone had more than enough to eat. After desert was consumed everyone pitched in to clean up and then we all sat back with a glass of wine and relaxed. My brother came into town and ended up staying for dinner which was an added bonus. With mom and dad both gone now it makes us siblings even closer. Well it makes my brother and I a lot closer now. My two sisters…well that’s another story. Sometimes there just isn’t any fixing to family links that have rusted and spread apart and we just have to except it and move forward.

Today I had my first physical in more than 13 yrs. I know damn, stop gasping. I shocked the Doctor as well, but it was not my fault that my old Doctor retired and I wasn’t able to find another. Anyway, even after 13 years I was given a clean bill of health. Yes P.I.C., my iron is a taaaaad bit low, but not enough for medication. Daily iron pills should take care of it. (If I take them on a daily basis) even my cholesterol level was good! Anyway, I did have a slight scare with my blood work. It seemed that after my initial blood work, I had to go and have another blood test. It seemed there was a problem with my electrolytes and the Doctor wanted to double check. Well after all is said and done, everything is fine. Everything is in tip top shape. It seems the lab took a bit more time than usual to run the different tests and when blood sits in the vial to long, the blood starts to separate and all sorts of different and funky things happen to it. Now I am doing the happy dance, because well, for some odd reason they did not do the usual dreaded “Pap Smear”. I’m not sure if they forgot, or whether the physical is kept separate or just what, but I was not going to remind them. I’m sure when I least expect it, I will get a call and when my eyes focus on the caller id I’m sure my woo who will spasm in despair. I am also scheduled the “breast crusher” test at the end of the month so that will be a joy in a half….NOT. This is the time of year when people start getting excited and start planning their Christmas holiday cheer. Me…I have this poem AND vision in my head I just can’t shake. It really is haunting me. T’was the night before my mammogram when all through my head, visions of flattened udders followed me to bed……

Tonight I am sitting here at work. My supervisor left nothing for me to do, so hence my blogging and facebook log in. Thank God the City has not banned facebook on city computers………yet.

Oooopppps a facebook message just came in…time to chat for a few….got to go….. ttyl….lol

Have a good night everyone!

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