Sunday, October 24, 2010

sweeping out a bit of dust

What a tiring weekend. Yesterday I covered the centre for my P.I.C and spent all day down there. Everything ran smoothly and nothing exciting happened, so it seemed like the minutes just dragged by. I was at the center by 9:30am and by the time the rental group upstairs had vacated; it was 6:00pm. With the supervisor off on vacation there is no usual pile of work left on the desk. I was able to do a few things to have ready for next weekend and straightened a few things here and there. I spent a bit of time talking with a good friend on the phone and even gossiped a bit on Face Book, but the minutes just crawled by. It’s funny how tired one feels when they are not doing anything except sitting. When I got home it was the usual chores of making dinner and straightening up with a few choice words as an appetizer to a certain person who also did nothing all day except watch T.V. When I win the lottery, not only am I moving to the tropics, but I am also going to have staff to wait on me hand and foot. I have been the waitress for years and I would dearly love to feel the luxury of being waited on for a change.

Ok, there is nothing worse then a whiner so I will stop right there, pull up my big girl panties, blow my nose nice and loud and put on a smile since I am at work again. When the first sports group arrived this morning it helped my mood a bit since every one of them said good morning with a smile as they passed the office on the way to the gym. The second group is slowly arriving and as usual I have a few chatters from that sports group who always seem to stop by and spend a few minutes talking about how the past week went. It makes me feel good that they feel comfortable enough to spend some time talking with me and yes, some talks get rather personal. (I can just imagine the gasps of shock on some faces when they read that). Oh well, if your jaw is open and dragging the floor, please close it and take it how ever you want. Oh and if you decide you need to gossip about my last statement add a bit if spice into it please, I enjoy colourful and steamy gossip.

Ok, I guess I’m done for now so have a wonderful fun filled Sunday and remember…..

Be thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of your nose!

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Mina said...

Let them gossip it is always amusing to hear what they come up with. Also....does that lottery winnings include a cabana boy? lol